Cedar 4 Sale Makes Gourmet Grilling and Dining Accessible 1
Grilling on cedar planks makes fish a poultry taste great!
From the grill to the dinner table, Cedar 4 Sale’s cedar planks are a stress-free and simple way of elevating the entire dining experience to a whole new level.

Pittsburgh, PA – Jun 17, 2021 – There’s nothing quite like the smoky flavors of outdoor cooking, and when it comes to grilling salmon and other seafood, seasoned grill masters know that the best way to get a juicy, delicious, smokey dish is to take advantage of cedar grilling planks.

Cedar grilling planks are a time-tested and consistently effective way of elevating the entire dining experience up to a new level in a pretty straight-forward, easy to pull off way. Soaking your planks in water or some other flavorful liquid (such as beer or your favorite spirit) is all the prep-work you need to do before being able to take advantage of all of the benefits planking has to offer. After that, grilling is as easy as ever, and all of the flavors of the cedar are effortlessly passed onto your dish to make each and every bite that much more memorable.

The culinary benefits don’t stop there, either. As part of the dining experience, we eat as much with our eyes as we do with the rest of our senses, which is why plating and presentation become essential parts of a great meal. Cedar planks don’t just serve as a great tool for flavorful grilling, they double as the perfect, rustic plates that can be transferred from the grill directly to the dining table. The look of a beautifully cooked piece of fish on a nearly artistically charred piece of wood makes for a great dining experience, even before the first bite.

Cedar 4 Sale has been a devoted and successful manufacturer of cedar and oak planks for many years now, always meticulously attentive to detail. Times change and markets shift alongside COVID-19; always ready to deliver, however, Cedar 4 Sale is ready to take on the challenges with these changes.

“After 12 years of serving the food and beverage industry offline, we saw an opportunity to serve the restaurant community much more efficiently,” said Bill Stalter, CEO of Cedar 4 Sale. “Now, chefs and restaurants can simply login and place their orders online – streamlining the process and increasing convenience for those in need.”

Restrictions have made dining out at our favorite high-end places more difficult to do, but staying safe shouldn’t come at the price of great food. That’s why Cedar 4 Sale is ready to help you bring that phenomenal dining experience home with their hassle-free products and their revamped website.

Whether you’re grilling at home or getting ready to wow new customers, are you ready to take your dining experience up a few notches? Find out exactly how to do so at: www.cedar-4-sale.com

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