According to Zappar: AR Identified As A Leading Way To Engage Consumers  1
  • The report, created in collaboration between Experience Is Everything, Zappar and System1 highlights the opportunity for more brands to leverage QR codes to reach households with ‘connected packaging’ as a new media channel. 

AR campaigns are some of the most impactful for companies to use, according to the How Connected Packaging Works report by Experience is Everything in collaboration with Zappar and System1. According to this new research, the overall levels of happiness and surprise elicited from the AR campaign tested was at 87 points versus 56 for the advertising norm – a 55% increase over the ad norm. The report investigates the explosive growth in Connected Packaging worldwide and highlights the importance of implementing a Connected Packaging strategy for additional impact at both the point of purchase and consumption. 

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The independent consumer research led by System1 found that AR matched the highest criteria for five stars in their study. For context, only 1% of ads achieve a five-star rating in System1’s methodology; the industry norm is three stars; with 53% of their ads tested (40,000) in the one-star range as they lead to no impact at all. 

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 said of the findings,

“These striking results show with confidence the benefits of an immersive AR experience for emotional connection. The AR experience comfortably surpassed category norms for advertising, achieving an emotional response that was amongst the very highest on record.”

To learn more about the results from the System1 study and the AR insights from the report, click here:

Other key findings include: 

  • Coronavirus impact: The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way consumers view QR codes, liberating its role on packaging for brands
  • QR codes: Scanning is at early maturity in major markets worldwide, with high penetration, diversifying use and increased frequency
  • Impact: New creative communications via connected pack AR significantly outperform conventional broadcast messaging
  • Connected packaging: The connected package offers higher engagement with a customer and zero wastage, and an engaging way to demonstrate sustainability and complete transparency for purpose in action to the customer
  • E-commerce: Connected pack usage drives e-comm at greater scale than other digital channels

How Connected Packaging Works highlights new opportunities for brands and businesses to reach users via connected packaging, as they can leverage the space for powerful product messaging and promotional offers, both at the point of purchase and consumption. The report includes research from System1 where they conducted research with a research sample, tracking their feelings and dwell time interacting with AR. By analysing how users interact with these ads over time, the report paints a detailed picture on their habits and the true impact of connected packaging.  It also provides an opportunity for brands to leverage WebAR, as consumers can use the phone’s camera to open engaging and impactful experiences as seamlessly as possible. The technology presents new opportunities with extended dwell times and return rates of content. 

“The research reaffirms that product packaging is the most valuable piece of owned media real-estate at your disposal,” said Caspar Thykier, Co-Founder and CEO at Zappar. “AR is a vital component of this, as it can turn that passive print into a digital portal of discovery creating a direct conversation between brands and their consumers. Combined, AR and connected packaging offers a framework for how companies can deliver success.”

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Paul Simone, Co-Founder at Experience is Everything commented,

“The coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted how brands can reach consumers, and the ripples will likely remain long afterward. The report demonstrates the continued impact that AR has on consumers, reemphasising its importance.”

The report explores the landscape of Connected Packaging through 2021. It highlights the benefits of an integrated packaging strategy for user engagement and sales conversion, citing examples with brand partners. The report also covers the benefits of analysing user actions and engagements through data, and the sustainability benefits of implementing an integrated connected packaging strategy. 

How Connected Packaging Works also covers: 

  • The inevitable rise of connected packaging as an owned medium
  • Unleashing the creative power of AR from connected packaging
  • How connected packaging is achieving superior engagement to all other digital channels
  • The media value of connected packaging
  • How connected packaging is leading the sustainability drive for brands

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