Divorce Mediation: Balakhane Mediation Outlines the Benefits of Mediation Over Traditional Divorce Proceedings 1

Divorce Mediation: Balakhane Mediation Outlines the Benefits of Mediation Over Traditional Divorce Proceedings 2Family mediation is an encouraging alternative to avoid an arduous divorce trial. The process involves an impartial, professional third-party mediator guiding the couple in question so that they reach a mutual understanding on all divorce matters(such as child support and division of assets).As a result, spouses can personalize their divorce terms to satisfy both of their needs.

Balakhane Mediation is run by Leyla Balakhane, a divorce mediator in Los Angeles who is passionate about helping couples overcome conflicts with a co-operative approach as well as advocating for the best interests of children whose parents are going through a divorce.

If you’re separating from your spouse and wish to settle the divorce with a peaceful, amicable approach that looks after yours and your children’s interests, Leyla’s divorce and family mediation services can help. Get in touch with Balakhane Mediation today to find out more.

Why choose divorce mediation?

More and more, couples are choosing divorce mediation rather than more traditional divorce proceedings, and when you look at the benefits it’s easy to see why. Here are just some of the advantages of divorce mediation:

Your children’s needs are prioritized

  • Mediation reduces conflict and helps couples peacefully reach agreements that focus on your children’s best interests

You can save valuable time and money

  • Mediation is quicker than traditional divorce proceedings (often being resolved within 2-6 days as opposed to 2-6 years)
  • Mediation is also more cost-effective than traditional divorce proceedings, meaning you won’t waste most of the assets you’re trying to divide

The process is very confidential 

  • When you get divorces through formal court proceedings, your private affairs are no longer private. Mediation means that your private life stays between you, your spouse, and your mediator (who will sign a confidentiality agreement).

Calmer communication

  • Your mediator will help you and your spouse navigate difficult conversations so the process is a peaceful, co-operative expression of needs and desires.

The process offers convenience and control 

  • Divorce mediation is a convenient process that can be completed in person, over the phone, or online – whatever best suits your needs.
  • Online and phone sessions can help ease the tension between couples who would rather not meet in person
  • Online or phone appointments are very convenient because there is no commute time and these sessions can fit around other commitments
  • It’s up to you whether your mediator speaks to you both at the same time or to you first, then your spouse
  • Mediation offers couples control over the terms of the divorce agreement, allowing both parties to express their needs fairly

Leyla Balakhane of Balakhane Mediation is a highly trusted and respected family law mediator. She will guide you on your divorce journey, helping you make tough decisions, reducing stressful conflicts and eliminating the excessive fees of traditional court divorce proceedings. With her help, you and your spouse will have the potential to reach healthy agreements when it comes to matters of parenting, support, and the division of your assets.

If you are considering divorce mediation in the Los Angeles area, don’t hesitate – get in touch with Balakhane Mediation today!

More information

Balakhane Mediation is operated by Leyla Balakhane, an experienced facilitator, consultant, trainer, and divorce mediator in Los Angeles. Leyla specializes in high-conflict divorce and family law cases.

You can find out more on the website by visiting https://balakhanemediation.com. If you have any inquiries, please email: leyla@balakhanemediation.com or call +14242354173.

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