After Detox for Addictions, a Sober Living Facility Provides a Stable Environment to Ease into Life 1

Any good addiction detox and rehab facility knows the importance of avoiding triggers and advancing back into real life slowly.  Going immediately back to a previous home environment can expose an addict to the same individuals that they associated with prior to detox.  It can also expose them to triggers that caused them to abuse substances in the first place, or to family and friends who unknowingly enabled them to abuse substances.  That is why great medical rehab and detox clinics like 1000 Islands Rehab Centre, located in Ontario, does stress the necessity for a sober living facility after rehab as the Rehab Centre does consider a sober living facility practically a necessity in maintaining sobriety and preventing relapses. 

Most individuals however have no idea about the cost of sober living facilities.

This is because the costs of sober living in Toronto can vary by area, as well as type of living facility.  There are also types of payments that need to be factored into the equation, as some facilities will accept government funding, some are only private pay, and some are both.  Checking into an area and the types of funding that will cover a stay at a sober living facility will indeed answer the question of “how much will it cost for a sober living facility?”  Sober living facilities should be approached the same as one would when seeking an apartment.  It is a type of rental of space, and the choice of space makes the differences in costs.  A basic space can be approximately $500 while a luxury space can generally reach an astounding monthly rent of $12000. 

Some individuals confuse rehabilitation facilities with sober living facilities.

Rehab is when the addiction is overcome, while sober living is a steppingstone back into the real world.  Rehab is safe and more structured, and patients stay on the premises throughout the rehab.  Sober living facilities on the other hand, ease individuals back into the real world, with jobs, and contacts outside the facilities.  Sober living facilities are group living and there is always a chance that others at the facility can relapse and tempt newly rehabilitated patients into relapsing.  This is the reason sober living facilities require a contract to be signed by each patient that states they will not engage in negative behaviors and will indeed complete the program established.  Leaving a facility before the end of the stay that is determined, is a total waste of money. 

Sober living facilities will not accept patients who have not gone through rehab.

Money will always be a driving force when facing the challenges of becoming clean and sober, but research into how long one will stay at a facility and the different types of payment methods and types of living arrangements can help work out a budget that works for each recovered addict.  The type of addiction and length of addiction also matters.  Staying clean and sober actually saves money.

About is a website that is run by the 1000 Islands Rehab Centre in Ontario.  The website provides all kinds of information not only on overcoming addictions but how to stay clean and sober after detox at their facilities.  Sober living facilities are stressed as part of the holistic approach to staying clean and sober, and information on how to pick a facility is plentiful with costs listed.  There is a chat feature for immediate answers to all questions. 

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