New Method of Acupuncture for Pain Developed by Dr. Ezzati of Balance Within Acupunture 1
After years of experimental trials, the success rate of treating pain with acupuncture is now over 90% with this method.

New Method of Acupuncture for Pain Developed by Dr. Ezzati of Balance Within Acupunture 2

Balance Within Acupuncture has developed a new method of acupuncture treatment for chronic and acute pain, with a success rate of relief in over 90% This success is in patients that have acute pain from a recent injury.

Acu Muscle Rehab™ by Dr. Alexander Ezzati, is a modern acupuncture based program for more natural pain relief.

Officially announced on their website on May 25, 2021, the multi-layered method has been tested by Dr. Ezzati for over 5 years. While acupuncture is already world renowned for treating pain, Dr. Ezzati furthered its strengths, and added complimentary therapies to increase effectiveness of the acupuncture session with very systematic and strategic point prescriptions based on the patients conditions.

Studies indicate Pain Management centers success rate in treating pain to be 67%. Dr. Ezzati’s modified systematic method of acupuncture for pain achieves greater than that number without the use of harsh chemicals, pharmaceuticals or steroids. The goal for the future is to raise awareness and get larger studies done on Dr. Ezzati’s proprietary method of treatment to be able to incorporate this system into main stream healthcare.

Currently the specialized acupuncture treatment is ideal for people who have pain from a sports related injury, surgery, inactivity, muscle strains and or spasms. It may be especially beneficial for recent pain caused by high g-forces such as those from an auto accident.

There have been numerous reports across the internet, mentioning the effectiveness of pain relief from Balance Within Acupuncture. Out of hundreds of reviews, there are some notable ones on their Yelp:

Tested on over a 1000 patients in Encino and Sherman Oaks, Balance Within Acupuncture has built upon the principles of Chinese Medicine, modified needle points and added supplemental therapies.

Acu Muscle Rehab™ is an advanced whole-body approach, providing a natural alternative to pain management therapies and opiod medication. Learn more about pain relief with Acu Muscle Rehab™ at

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Dr. Ezzati is a California state board approved Doctor of Acupuncture, and founder of Balance Within Acupuncture. Balance Within has helped relieve pain for patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Woodland Hills and Beverly Hills.

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