The TV Candidate and Life Coach Who Has Everyone Talking 1

Nico Perf’s name has been in the media a lot recently. While he has had success as a life coach and international speaker, his personal life has everyone talking. Since there are many rumors circulating around his romantic life, all stemming from his time on a reality TV series last year, Nico wanted to clear the air.

Who Is Nico Perf?

Many people are familiar with Nico Perf because of his appearance on the reality show Princes of Love 8 in 2020. He was one of the last pretenders to arrive and try to win the heart of Princess Khloe. The task of seduction was nearly impossible for Nico because the princess already had an arrangement with another suitor to get him on the show.

That didn’t stop Nico from finding love though. After filming wrapped up, he met his current girlfriend Isabeau. Now, this wouldn’t have caused so much controversy, except Isabeau was cast as a contestant on the show Objectif Reste Du Monde. There were rumors going around that she was trying to seduce a prince.

Since both reality programs are very popular, many fans have let their imaginations run wild. The media outlets love to have a story, and to them, it’s much more interesting to say that Isabeau is fooling Nico and the production team to get on TV. However, the truth is that Nico and Isabeau didn’t start a relationship until after the shows ended.

The Real Nico Perf

Nico may have had a scandalous time on reality TV, but in real life, he is a hard-working professional.  In 2013, he left Gendarmerie and began a career coaching sports. However, Nico was very passionate about coaching and helping people. He took an interest in life coaching, which inspired him to start his own company. 

He now gives conferences to groups of people ranging from 50 to 20,000. He helps people get on the right path to success with these conferences by covering various topics, such as personal development, entrepreneurship, sports, and more. Nico is breaking boundaries by teaching people there is no age limit or education barrier stopping people from making millions and being successful.

Nico uses his social networks and The One coaching to keep people interested. With his coaching, many people have left their restrictive jobs and started earning more money by working from home. His goal for the year is to help more people through his coaching services and international speaking.

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