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Nobody likes head lice. Infestations have become almost a rite of passage for kids as they grow, marking an embarrassing, stressful, and almost unbearably itchy phase of life. However, your kids (or even you!) don’t have to suffer for long. Lice Charmers offers safe, natural, and effective lice treatment services in Portland and the surrounding areas (such as Sherwood, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Gresham, and West Linn).

Conor co-founded Lice Charmers with his partner, Lex in 2017 after feeling unfulfilled by his previous job in risk management. He wanted to find a job that had a tangible positive effect on people’s lives, and after searching around he noticed that lots of lice removal companies were using outdated, ineffective techniques in their work. This gave both Conor and Lex the idea train and set up their own lice removal company in Portland, Oregon, so they could give clients proper treatment and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Call the team today to rid your family of lice once and for all!

Private and professional services

Instead of relying on old methods like some other clinics, which often fail to prevent the lice infestation from worsening, Lice Charmers has a specially developed, up-to-date treatment method for dealing with head lice and their eggs based on the latest scientific findings. Lice Charmers’ natural lice treatments are highly efficient and effective, and they come with no health risks, no allergens, and no questionable ‘miracle cure’ products or extra steps to extort money from clients.

Lice Charmers offers fantastic confidentiality with its clients: for lice removal Portland, you can either go to their private head lice clinic or the mobile team can come to you. If you opt for in-home treatment for head lice, you needn’t worry about your neighbors knowing what’s going on – the team show up in an unmarked van and don’t wear uniforms, so your privacy is fully protected. After all, the Lice Charmer team know how stressful it can be to deal with lice without anyone else knowing about it!

Customer satisfaction is key

The skilled team at Lice Charmers take great pride in their levels of customer service, and they always strive to treat each client like they would their own family. You only have to look at the company’s testimonials to see what great service they offer. One happy customer, Leah Smith, said: “We had a great experience with Lice Charmers and would highly recommend them for anyone dealing with a possible infestation. Very professional, experienced, fast, and efficient. They definitely know what they’re doing and are great with all kinds of kids!”

If you or your family are suffering from head lice and are at your wit’s end, don’t hesitate… Join the ranks of Lice Charmer’s happy clients and get some relief from irritating head lice by calling the expert team today!

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Lice Charmers – Lice Treatment and Lice Removal Portland OR has helped people get rid of lice infestations since 2017 with professional and affordable lice removal services to suit almost every budget and situation. If you’re based in or around Portland, OR, and are searching for lice removal near me or lice treatment near me, there really is no one else better qualified to help.

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