Nouveau Construction tackles issues of NFPA non-compliance and Public Safety DAS 1
Nouveau Construction the leader in Public Safety DAS Design and Installation
Public safety DAS is a requirement, and Nouveau dominates the niche

Carrollton, Texas – The National Fire Protection Agency, or the NFPA, has issued requirements for many businesses which require the installation and maintenance of Public Safety DAS. These requirements are intended to enforce a base level of wireless connectivity in public spaces. This is to ensure a standard of connection quality that first responders can rely on in emergency situations. While the NFPA requirements have been stated clearly, many businesses find themselves non-compliant.  Many more struggle to find a reliable company that offers quality DAS services in order to make themselves compliant.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth complex, one company is stepping up to face this issue head-on. Nouveau Construction has been building its reputation in the area since 1997 and has developed the infrastructure to be able to rise up and meet the demands of the NFPA hand-in-hand with their clients. The company regards Public Safety DAS with a uniquely keen solemnity which translates into an eagerness in their team to address issues of non-compliance with public safety standards within their community.

When asked why the company takes such a serious approach to Public Safety DAS, a Nouveau construction representative stated, “Well, we saw a need that wasn’t being fulfilled, and we decided to step up to the plate.”

When asked for further explanation, the representative went on to say, “There weren’t many options for Public Safety DAS in the region, and then the options that were there weren’t high quality. Definitely not the quality you would hope was there for emergency services to operate on. These systems save lives. We felt deeply that we needed to do something.”

And Nouveau has certainly stepped up to the plate. The company has been recognized as an expert in the emergency responder radio communications industry. Nouveau assesses the needs of its customers through their benchmark services and then addresses each need uniquely through their tailored distributed antenna systems. Businesses and sites served by Nouveau Construction find themselves operating above and beyond the minimum requirements of the NFPA, and can rest assured that in times of emergency first responders will be able to act with efficiency and efficacy.

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