Bavard Announces the Launch of Its AI Conversational Chatbot That Transforms How Companies Engage with their Customers 1

Bavard helps businesses build their brand with smart, automated conversations that support, engage, and convert customers around the clock.

Bavard announces the launch of its new AI-powered, conversational chatbot platform to support and engage customers 24/7 through natural interactions. Bavard chatbots can easily be customized and deployed without any coding, saving businesses a considerable amount of time and money.

Chatbots are the fastest-growing brand communication channel with usage increasing by 92% just since 2019. And chatbot ecommerce transactions are projected to reach $112 billion by 2023. For brands, chatbot conversations provide a new opportunity to support and engage customers around the clock, even when your team isn’t present. Bavard is in a perfect position to facilitate this rise in chatbot usage, and help brands leverage this technology so they never miss engaging with a customer.

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“Interacting with your customers should be effortless. We’ve made customizing and deploying your chatbot interface easy and efficient,” said David Brown, Bavard Co-founder & Lead Software & NLP Engineer. “Whether you are a small restaurant wanting to help customers navigate your menu, order food, or make reservations, or a multinational corporation handling millions of support cases, the Bavard chatbot can set you up for success.”

With Bavard’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) feature, you can teach your chatbot what questions you expect your customers to have based on experience, give it the answers, and allow it to autonomously answer your customers as they visit and interact on your site. And, it can do this in several different languages. You can constantly gather, learn, and apply the suggestions that customers make to improve your offering. The chatbot becomes smarter over time and users get a customized experience each visit.

Bavard AI chatbots are easily customizable to match your company’s branding and offer the ability to pick the features you want to incorporate and leave out the ones you don’t. Choose to allow interactions such as videos, hyperlinks, forms, and GIFs, and incorporate a “personality” so that your chatbot is programmed to share jokes or one-liners. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate all of your applications using our webhooks and API calls with Slack, Shopify, SMS, and many more.

Once your Bavard chatbot is deployed to your site, you can log in to our mobile friendly Message Center site to monitor all live and past chatbot interactions and view customer metadata like location and device type. The chatbot also allows human agents to intercept live conversations and chat directly with the customer in real time.

“The majority of consumers are spending more time online and the need to automate and optimize the experience is greater than ever. Bavard provides cutting-edge AI chatbots and platforms to help companies engage with their customers around the clock,” said Angie Brown, Co-founder and CEO of Bavard. “Thanks to our unique AI chatbot and the ease of integrating it with other tools, we are confident that Bavard will become a market leader in the conversational chatbot world. Our ultimate goal is to help companies reach more consumers while also providing a pleasant experience for everyone.”

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