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Legal marketing is considerably more challenging than most other professions, and there are plenty of attorneys who struggle by running marketing campaigns themselves or hiring the wrong agencies. So, how does a small law firm with a limited budget compete with the marketing behemoths? 

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A combination of networking, referrals, and marketing is the most successful technique of establishing and maintaining a busy law firm. The first two—networking and referrals — are the easiest for most attorneys to handle by joining legal organizations or State Bar certified lawyer referral services. 

On the other hand, marketing local legal services are more challenging to grasp, and many attorneys struggle with it. As a result, many solopreneurs make mistakes that cost them time, money, and customers.

With a newspaper story in 1976, law firm marketing had its public debut, causing quite a stir right away. Lawyers have been attempting to out-market one another and win since then, just like their caseloads have.

Search engine optimization is the most cost-effective strategy to find potential clients on the internet. A solid SEO plan will help your law firm’s website rank at the top of search results if implemented correctly.

Here are the top three tips for increasing your law firm’s visibility: 

Be Relevant: The most crucial components of a search engine’s algorithm for ranking results are relevance and authenticity. Make sure your website’s content is relevant to the legal services you offer. Consider how a potential client may look for your assistance. Would they search for your law firm’s name or terms like “Los Angeles personal injury lawyer” or “car accident lawyer in Los Angeles”? Play around with the Google search box and consider all the many ways someone may look for you. Make a list of the most relevant keywords and make sure you use them in your website content. Remember, it’s all about quality, not quantity. 

Link Up: The second most significant factor in ranking results is links. The more external websites that connect to your site, the more valuable you are to a search engine. Are you a member of a local bar association, or have you ever written for a publication? Ensure that those affiliations include a link to your website. The greater the weight of their relationship, the more significant those organizations are.

Keep Your Website Up to Date: Search engines are aware of how frequently you update your website. Therefore, a search engine must provide relevant, significant, and recent results to its users. Otherwise, they’ll rank other law firms in higher positions while pushing yours to the bottom of the results. To keep your website fresh and new, try to develop a content marketing plan that feeds your inbound marketing strategy. 

Remember that Lawyer SEO generates “organic” search results. This implies you’re not paying for the top place on a results page; you’re there because the search engine believes you belong there. On the other hand, PAID SEARCH is the practice of paying to appear on a search results page. 

There are unique challenges when marketing legal services:

• 92% of “converted” leads either don’t have a legitimate case or can’t afford to pay legal fees. Must lawyers are pitched with pro bono work daily.

• According to Google Adwords, legal-related keywords are among the most expensive when running a PPC (pay-per-click campaign).

• These two facts alone make PPC advertising inefficient and extremely expensive.

• Experienced PPC agencies charge $3,500 per month on average for management fees BEFORE actual advertising costs kick in.

• According to numerous studies, approximately 55% of your PPC ad spend comes from your competition, irrelevant audiences, bots, and/or automated scripts paid by competitors to deplete your budget.

• Only a few law firms capture 80% of the traffic.

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the legal marketing industry’s transformation. Over the last decade, online legal marketing has gradually evolved from a mainstream approach to an inbound and specialized marketing strategy. 

In addition, the mix of geographical distance, firm closures, and consumers’ quickly growing interaction with technology is hastening the transformation of how lawyers attract business online.


This crisis is a wake-up call for lawyers facing a slowdown in business to shed their financial dependence on one-size-fits-all marketing agencies and PPC campaigns.

Instead, now is the time to create an authentic presence by leveraging technology. Law firms that provide high-quality content to feed their inbound marketing funnel and lead generation processes are winning the lawyer SEO race.

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