The basic introduction of gun drill types and working fields 1

Four types of gun drills

1. Brazed gun drills(D3-D50mm)

2. Solid carbide gun drills(D1-D12mm)

3. Indexable gun drills (D11.52-D50.02mm)

4. Gun reame

Deep Hole Gun drills Manufacturers | China Deep Hole Gun drills Factory & Suppliers (

Brazed gun drills

Solid carbide gun drills

Medical instruments, aerospace, Circular membrane feed equipment, etc.

Insert gun drills

One insert+2 pads(D11.52-D30.02)

Three inserts+2pads(D30.02-50.02)

1 insert+4 pads(D11.52-D30.02)

3 inserts+4 pads(D30.02-50.02)

5 pads One piece solid carbide indexable gun drills

It is widely used in the mold industry (water transport hole, thimble hole, hot flow channel, guide hole, etc.); Automobile industry (deep hole processing of cylinder head, crankshaft, hydraulic pipe, steering gear rack and gear shaft); Oil pump nozzle industry (deep hole processing of injection gas, needle valve body, plunger sleeve and other parts); Textile machinery industry (processing of various spindle holes); Medical equipment industry (titanium alloy, stainless steel and other axis processing); Mining oil machinery (deep hole processing on piston rod and cylinder wall); Deep hole processing of rotor, mandrel, stem, outer cylinder of unit and tube plate of condenser in electric power and turbine industry.

Many precision instruments and equipment in medical devices have deep hole processing problems, including bone nails, intramedullary nails and so on. Medical device products are directly or indirectly used for human body instruments, equipment, in the processing of deep hole requirements are very high, so it is very important to choose a high efficiency, high precision tool.

Roll is an important part of rolling mill in rolling mill. The pressure produced by a pair or group of rolls is used to roll steel. It mainly bears the dynamic and static load, wear and temperature change during rolling.

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