KetteQ Reinvents Supply Chain Function With Secure & Scalable Demand Planning 1
New software system provides forecasting accuracy across multiple markets

Atlanta, GA – July 30, 2021 – The current generation of digital demand managers needs tools that can navigate ever-changing supply chain conditions. They need frameworks that are demand-driven and capable of providing up-to-the-minute data from suppliers across time zones, inside factories, and aboard transport vessels. ketteQ’s Demand Planning System satisfies all these needs and more.

Supply chain management synchronized with consumer buying habits ensures forecasting success, and the ability to quickly adapt to fluctuating market demands. ketteQ offers a seamless, high-functioning system giving digital marketing managers actionable data based on real-time consumer information.

ketteQ highlights additional benefits to their secure and scalable demand planning system:

Connected intelligence that maximizes revenue. By integrating sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, and in-house orders with accurate forecasting, companies sell more.

Automated AI / ML forecasting. Every product, part or raw material can be accurately auto-evaluated and the ideal forecasting methods enabled. Real-time adjustments in parameters give managers vital data in seconds.

Forecasting that includes sales teams. ketteQ software provides not only supply planning but also sales forecasting based on opportunities.

Integrated forecast dashboards. KetteQ’s ingenious system allows configurable demand planning alerts that illuminate with the latest forecasting data.

KetteQ continues to revolutionize digital demand planning with innovative ensemble forecasting tools that give companies the power to work as one toward a singular goal.

About ketteQ:

ketteQ is dedicated to building a new paradigm for Supply Chain planning and operations. Built by experts in supply chain operations, finance, sales, and marketing, no one understands the business challenges better. Built on Salesforce with strengths in security, scalability, and configurability, ketteQ offers supply chain organizations extended capabilities to fill in the gaps left by legacy systems:

For more information about ketteQ: Please contact ketteQ at 470.795.9689,, visit, or connect on LinkedIn.

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