Patrick Quillin Debuts Beating Cancer With Nutrition Book, 5th Edition with Major Updates 1
Best cancer fighting foods for the cancer patient. Includes cancer diet plan with recipes. A nutrition plan to help starve the cancer. Easy to find and prepare foods.

Patrick Quillin Debuts Beating Cancer With Nutrition Book, 5th Edition with Major Updates 2

July 30, 2021 – Patrick Quillin is a leading expert in the growing field of nutrition for cancer patients with over 30 years experience. Dr. Quillin has just released his completely revised book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition, 5th update. Since the original version of this book was first introduced in 1994, it has become a long term bestseller on

The newly released book Beating Cancer with Nutrition offers comprehensive information on inexpensive cancer fighting foods. The opening chapter includes a cancer diet plan that summarizes the best course of action for cancer patients, while working with their doctors.

The book highlights foods to eat to fight cancer and includes well laid out chapters that cover, in depth, many nutritional elements of importance to the cancer patient including the best vitamins, minerals, enzymes, food extracts, herbs, glandulars, lipids and other minor dietary constituents. There is also a recipe section with easy to find foods and easy to prepare recipes for the cancer patient. Written for the cancer patient, this book is in a colorful easy-to-read format with larger font, and is destined to become a classic.

As cancer has escalated from an obscure disease in 1900 to a leading cause of death around the world in 2021, there is a need to pursue options and integrative therapies to improve outcome for the 1.8 million Americans who will be newly diagnosed this year with cancer. Statistics show that chemotherapy is effective in about 2% of advanced cancer patients. Studies show that optimal nutrition can bolster the body’s anti-cancer mechanisms without interfering with the cancer killing capacity of chemo and radiation:

Optimal nutrition can enhance immune functions, make chemo and radiation selectively toxic to cancer but protect the patient, address malnutrition, starve the sugar feeding cancer, and use nutrients to slow cancer growth:

Quillin expertly crafts a program of integrative cancer care in which the patient, oncologist, and nutritionist work in harmony to achieve improved quantity and quality of life for the 8 million cancer patients in active treatment today.

Using diet and supplements, Quillin outlines a program that is doable for the cancer patient and scientifically backed for the doctor’s needs. More information about the book can be found at

About Patrick Quillin

Quillin’s experience in nutritional oncology includes 10 years as vice president of nutrition for a major nationwide cancer hospital group, also organizer of 3 international medical conferences on nutrition and cancer, also a consultant to the National Institutes of Health and US Army Breast Cancer Research group.

Quillin has taught college nutrition, earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in nutrition, is a registered dietitian, certified nutrition specialist, and author of 18 books that have sold over 2 million copies.

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