Sit-a-Bit, The Kid Enrichment Company, Redefines Childcare 1
Innovative technology company redefined what childcare means and how organization support remote-working parents and caregivers.

As the country begins to open up and businesses restart their engines, it’s obvious that the traditional model of childcare isn’t going to cut it.

“It’s time for companies to offer flexible, accessible childcare benefits that support all kids of all ages, not just those participating in daycare or nanny services. In order to attract and keep talent, HR leaders and employee benefits teams must consider a wider population and definition of what childcare is and adjust benefit offerings accordingly,” said Carleen Haylett, CEO and founder of Sit-a-Bit, herself a single mother who spent the pandemic working from home and homeschooling her son.

Traditionally, childcare has been seen as a place where pre-K-aged kids are tended to and taught by others while parents and caregivers work. Although caregivers themselves are among the lowest-paid US workers at ~$11/hr, it remains enormously expensive for families with the means to take advantage of these offerings. With the pandemic, the cost of traditional childcare has severely increased while availability decreasing rapidly. This presents a perfect storm for companies where valued employees, most of whom are women, are choosing or needing to leave the workforce simply to manage increased childcare activities.

Add in, benefits traditionally offered by employers, and even the very definition of “childcare,” serves only a limited population of parents and caregivers. Families require a wide array of care options, and benefits, all of which need to include support beyond the daycare years. Today they do not.

As many continue to work either partially or fully remote, the opportunity to redefine how organizations support families is now. Study after study illustrates how potential candidates and employees realize their future desire is retaining greater flexibility both in their jobs and with the care provided to their children. In addition, due to the complete unavailability of extracurricular activities early in the pandemic, the realization is now that virtual delivery, from exceptional providers, is highly effective.

Sit-a-Bit, The Kid Enrichment Company is redefining childcare – expanding it beyond a building or a certain age. The company delivers the Sit-a-Bit Marketplace for families to easily find and schedule high-quality, digital classes and experiences for kids from toddlers to young-adult. The offerings, from vetted and experienced partners, cover a wide array of areas that support the complete spectrum of child development. Through this, Sit-a-Bit helpings working parents and caregivers more easily balance work and home responsibilities.

Sit-a-Bit clients are leading organizations paving the path with expanded childcare benefits to support working parents and caregivers with kids of all ages and individualized needs. These forward-looking companies provide employee access to the Sit-a-Bit Marketplace to reduce attrition costs and attract valuable talent. Family needs are varied, individualized, and cross well beyond the daycare years. Sit-a-Bit is part of this new definition and the solution for leading companies.

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