“See Me Live” wants to know “What do you want to see LIVE?” during its prelaunch. 1

Live streaming is exploding across multiple venues and platforms. But a lot of it is just plain boring and usually much too long.  With “See Me Live” (“SML”), viewers will get good quality live content on the subjects they are interested in.  This is because SML’s” patented Audience Tool will allow live streamers to access live audiences based on subject matter, incentivizing streamers to livestream what the audiences want.  This is a win/win deal for both streamers and viewers since streamers will be able to get attentive live audiences without the need for followers and viewers will get quality live video content they want to see.  “See Me Live’s” quality control will work similar to a live version of America’s Got Talent. The viewers will vote and leave comments at the end of each short SML livestream.  So like America’s Got Talent, the streamers are taking a chance when they broadcast on “See Me Live”, unlike other live video platforms where there are no repercussions for boring content.  Boring content will get trashed by the viewers and rated poorly in the process. Talented people will have the potential to become famous overnight though, again, without the need for followers.  Additionally, there will be many income opportunities for SML’s streamers including monetizing “See Me Live’s” audiences (instead of followers), creating excellent income potential for SML streamers. “See Me Live” will be the platform of choice for live streamers because 1) SML will provide FREE attentive live audiences, 2) SML will promote viral quality videos shot on the SML platform and 3) the superior SML income opportunities. “Content IS King”. 

 “See Me Live” wants to know “What do you want to see LIVE?” during its prelaunch. 2

Right now “See Me Live” is launching its prelaunch where it’s populating its live audience database prior to launching the SML app. People can go to www.seemelive.tv and subscribe to the SML subject hashtags that they want to see and SML will let them know when that subject is about to go live.  SML’s prelaunch also has cool prizes and weekly drawings.

Describing the story behind the live streaming platform’s launch, “See Me Live’s” Alan Barber said, “It all started when I mentioned to someone how cool it would be to watch a live video of someone at the top of the Eiffel Tower, panning below, as it was happening, like a live travel video show. That person enthusiastically agreed and that started my “spidey sense” (I know something good is there) as I cultivated the concept of providing live video based on subject matters as opposed to followers like the other platform.  And it had to be interesting, or just plain good content, in order for it to work, especially since the main consumers of live video were the younger people (Gen Z and Millennials) who are known for how easily they get bored.”

 “See Me Live” wants to know “What do you want to see LIVE?” during its prelaunch. 3

Be a part of the first wave of users to tell streamers what they want to see LIVE: www.SeeMeLive.tv

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/oxI446S9duA

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