Getting Back to the Mat: Brazilian Jiujitsu and the Importance of the Gi 1

When the pandemic was at its worst, most martial arts gyms were forced to close their doors. The lockdowns and restrictions have been especially hard on close contact sports like Brazilian Jiujitsu. However, athletes endure and adapt, so they are figuring out ways to continue to train and excel while keeping those ever-important protections in mind.

One advantage that seems to have come from the pandemic is an increased interest in Jiujitsu. People found themselves with a lot of time on their hands, and as classes became available online, the home training picked up. So as restrictions ease and training begins to return to the gyms, it’s time to look at the importance of the proper uniforms in Jiujitsu.

“There has been an increase in the number of students looking to gear up as the gyms start to reopen. There are still some heavy precautions in place for anything that is close contact. Jiujitsu is an extremely close contact sport, and safety is something they are considering as they reopen. The gyms want to stay open, so they are doing everything in their power to protect their communities.” Said a spokesperson.

Jiujitsu apparel is very specific and has a fascinating and significant history. The Brazilian Jiujitsu Gi has been around for a hundred years. Other than some minor evolution, the uniform itself has remained much the same. The BJJ Gi origins can be traced back to the samurai in Japan, and the uniform shares a deep connection with Judo, as does Jiujitsu itself.

The Jiujitsu GI is designed to withstand the wear and tear of strenuous training. At the same time, it is heavy enough to be noticeable and still remain comfortable. Its importance, however, doesn’t stop at functionality. The deep history of the Gi lends itself to a sense of community and camaraderie in the sport.

Not all training is done in a Gi, but nearly all competitions do require them. For some, training in a rash guard and Jiujitsu shorts, also known as grappling shorts, are an option. The gym may also have specific classes or sessions requiring students to wear their Jiujitsu Gi and other classes focussing on no-gi, where students are required to wear shorts and a rashguard. Uniform requirements in regards to the colour of gi required or allowed for Jiujitsu are often left to the discretion of the instructor or academy..

“There is a lot about putting on a Gi that means more to practitioners of Jiujitsu than people realize. There is a deep sense of community and closeness amongst the jiujitsu community. When wearing the jiujitsu gi, all are equal. When you are on that mat wearing a BJJ Gi, social status, economic status, colour, race, these things just kind of disappear.” Added a spokesperson.

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