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Far too often, the assumption is that the future will offer something better than what is presently being experienced. That line of thinking frequently keeps people from making the necessary changes or adjustments that can indeed better their future. To help eradicate that self-sabotaging cycle, Tanisha Gaskin-Christie has released Still, I Thrive! Lessons on How to Pivot and Evolve During an Unexpected Crisis.

BALTIMORE, MD – September 7, 2021 – In Still, I Thrive! bestselling author, Tanisha Gaskin-Christie, along with twenty-three co-authors share reflective and insightful stories about not only making it through the unprecedented pandemic of 2020 but coming out victorious. Readers will be stirred and motivated to shift their mindset, boldly face their challenges head-on, stop waiting for tomorrow, pursue their dreams and goals, and start living their lives to the fullest today.

“We have a habit of pushing things off to the future or selling ourselves short because we believe we aren’t worthy or qualified. When we do, we disqualify ourselves from so many of God’s blessings and favor,” says Visionary Kersey.

The topics addressed in Still, I Thrive! such as grief, fear, healing, faith, strength, and growth will equip readers with the necessary insight on how to not only survive a global pandemic, or any other personal disaster, but how to emerge prosperous—mind, body, and spirit. Filled with accounts of defeat, resilience, and ultimately victory, readers will be inspired and empowered to view their adversities as opportunities to rise to higher heights.

Still, I Thrive! gives readers real-life examples of men and women who decided to push forward in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds to overcome an array of obstacles and seize the day. “Nothing is promised. We aren’t owed anything. But while we are here, we owe it to ourselves and our families to live life to its fullest.”

Tanisha Gaskin-Christie, MS, PHR is the founder of Women Who Want More, LLC, a wife, mom to three handsome boys, real estate owner, HR executive, cosmetics business owner, empowerHERcoach, and community well-being advocate. She holds a master’s degree in human services administration and an undergraduate degree in human resources management/organizational development. Tanisha’s passion for helping women form clarity around getting the more that they want out of their lives is what ignited a deeper passion for her to form WWWM, LLC in July 2018.

Published by Publish Your Gift®, Still, I Thrive! Lessons on How to Pivot and Evolve During an Unexpected Crisis is now available for purchase.

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