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International Security Training Makes Online Distance Learning More Convenient and Time-efficient

Their new online course delivery platform allows students to study at their own pace & download certificates directly from their student portal.

Knowledge retention has always been a challenge for workers of all kinds. Memory dulls with age, which is why it is important to always take the initiative to refresh knowledge previously learned. On the other hand, those who want to learn something new in this time of distance also face difficulties. People, therefore, resort to online learning where they can be trained at their own pace.

As one of the most critical fields today, Corporate Security, demands accelerated skills from its practitioners. This is understandable as clients and/or employers, require protection staff who can genuinely empathize with key stakeholders while effectively addressing their security needs. Acknowledging the necessity to refresh, as well as preparing those who want to enter the field, International Security Training LLC offers online courses that are relevant to the modern security environment.

Distance learning has already existed for several years, and International Security Training simply leverages this proven alternative to the conventional classroom setting – especially with the ongoing health crisis. They promptly and directly send the educational materials to the student’s email based on their chosen course.

Currently, they offer over 20 courses that include Physical Security Specialist, Executive Protection Specialist, Security Supervisor, School Campus Security, Security Management, Hospital & Healthcare Security, Director of Security, and many more. These are carefully categorized based on the level a potential student is aiming for. “We want to deliver actionable education without unnecessary theory and time fillers,” said Brian Allen, Director of Programs. Furthermore, students can now download their completion certificates straight from their student portal.

There are a couple of benefits when one subscribes to their online distance learning course. This includes upgrading existing skills, improving earning potential, jumping to a new career or taking a step further for a promotion, increasing self-confidence, etc. The majority of their students are serious individuals who have realized the true value of marketable skills in today’s increasingly demanding workforce.

More information about their offerings can be found on their website at

International Security Training arms its students with soft skills combined with step-by-step industry know-how, to help them build a fulfilling career. This can be acquired by first taking the initiative to learn. Many of their students today consider their online distance learning course as the most logical way to train as a security professional. The different processes, including the steps to enroll, are also comprehensively outlined on their site. This way, it’s easier for any interested student to envision what they are getting themselves into. Don’t waste any time, and visit their website now.

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Since 2003, International Security Training LLC has offered courses that can help any Security Professional, be ahead of the competition. They employ online distance learning, which is one of the most convenient ways for someone to train for a career.

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