New unique social media app Movespot by under-25 entrepreneur making waves, shows 4,000+ downloads just after launch 1
Movespot is a groundbreaking app that offers innovative multi-use social networking experience for users.

Atlanta, Georgia – September 07, 2021 – A newly launched unique social media app is raising a storm in the social networking world lately. Movespot, as the app is called, assures a next-gen “social” experience by combining social networking, social media and making “moves” all in one single platform. Created by a 23-year-old visionary Atlanta student-entrepreneur, Carl White III and Seth Asra, the app has already garnered a whopping 4,000+ downloads just after its official launch on the Apple App Store. 

The app went live on the App Store on July 1st of this year.

New unique social media app Movespot by under-25 entrepreneur making waves, shows 4,000+ downloads just after launch 2

“Social media is undoubtedly a handy tool but sometimes can be tad chaotic to use. From social networking to advertising to entertainment, there are several purposes of social media, so much so that at times these applications can be more baffling than they should. This is where Movespot comes to help. Developed with a cutting-edge approach, Movespot extends a ‘new way to connect on social media and on a more convenient and simplified scale than you experience with existing social media platforms. Put simply, this breakthrough social media app is strategically developed to provide a unique all-around authentic social experience that most of the contemporary social users crave for”, stated the young visionary 23-year-old founder.

New unique social media app Movespot by under-25 entrepreneur making waves, shows 4,000+ downloads just after launch 3

Interestingly, the Movespot team is backed by Generation Z and millennials who are always looking forward to infusing fresh, dynamic ideas in the contemporary “social” world. While the founder is 23, the CTO of Movespot, Seth Asra, is just 22.  

Carl set a school record for 15 Touchdowns at Arabia Mountain Technology High School, while still being passed upon by Division 1 Schools. While still having multiple D2 offers, he decided to take the Junior College route in search for better offers. Both Carl & Seth played junior college football while attending Reedley College in California. However, it was the initial investment from an MLB player that inspired them to shift back home to Atlanta from California to begin the era of Movespot. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the unique social media app, Carl mentioned about one of his experiences in gym. While working out in the gym, he observed that most of the people are on their phones instead of working out. And that sparked in him the idea to develop an innovative social media app that users could actually use to have the necessary face-to-face interaction – yet without compromising on the work at hand. And thus, Movespot was born.  

New unique social media app Movespot by under-25 entrepreneur making waves, shows 4,000+ downloads just after launch 4

“The other day I was watching an interview of Tim Cook, the celebrated Apple CEO, and something he said struck a chord with me. He stressed on the fact that it’s not exactly healthy for social media users to stay glued to their phones all day idly. It had a deep impact on me and I wanted to develop a social media app which would ensure a novel social media experience for users but also won’t force them to keep scrolling idly on their phones all day.” 

A major USP (unique selling proposition) of Movespot is that it’s the ONLY and FIRST app to feature a unique 3-way live stream. The app enables users to hang out with friends as well as market themselves with equal ease. 

Top and unique features of Movespot – 

  • Post and Explore

Users will be able to post videos, pictures and GIFs. They can post their moods too while expressing themselves. Also, they will be able to explore videos and other viral posts posted by other users and influencers. 

  • Create A Move

Moves can be defined as activities which can be scheduled in a jiffy. Users can create “Public Move” which can be attended by anyone. They can also create “Private Move” for mutual users. There is also the option of 1-on-1 Move which users can enjoy with someone special. 

  • Go live

Users can start Live Streams on Movespot, ranging from 1-Way to 2-Way to even 3-Way live streams.

  • Time Map

This exclusive Movespot feature allows users to stay connected to the time distance of mutual friends and show their current location to each other. This way, they will be able to locate which friends are nearby and then request their exact location so that they can hang out. Movespot users have the facility to decline or accept the request as well.

  • Messaging

Users can opt for both private Direct messaging or group messaging.

Movespot also allows users the opportunity to turn on/off their likes, comments, & reposts.  

For more information, please visit or Instagram or Twitter.

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