Passwork is One Step Closer to Becoming the Best Password Manager for Enterprises 1
With this integration, enterprise clients can now automatically assign selected roles to users

HELSINKI – September 7, 2021 – Passwork has added a connection between LDAP groups and user roles on their self-hosted password manager. With this new integration, administrators can automatically assign roles to a user when adding them to a connected group. This new feature marks another step towards making the password manager more usable for enterprise clients whose needs are changing.


The typical modern company has to manage several passwords every day. These include server passwords, CMS passwords, FTP, SSH and security certificates. 25% of these companies don’t require their employees to change their passwords regularly. An even bigger percentage don’t equip remote workers with company-provided security software for accessing sensitive company data.[1] Lack of a secure password management system increases the risk of credential stuffing and other data breaches. Beyond simply having a password manager, it’s important to choose one that releases regular updates for the evolving needs of an organization.

“A data breach can be devastating for a company of any size,” says Passwork CEO Andrew Piankov. “As more employees work remotely, the risk of a data breach is even higher, since these employees have less protection from digital attacks outside the office. Our new features are designed to help enterprise clients manage their passwords even more efficiently while saving them the grief of a company-wide breach.”

In addition to the LDAP integration, Passwork has introduced SSO, API, a multi-functional browser extension and a security dashboard that flags weak, old or compromised passwords. Passwork also offers clients reliable and prompt technical support and the ability to install the password manager in multiple company branches. Additionally, Passwork is planning to launch a mobile app. With this app, users can automatically log into business accounts and websites on the go. Another upcoming update will allow administrators to create links to passwords within Passwork.

The team at Passwork has developed a password management system that is user-friendly and affordable. Over 1,000 companies already rely on Passwork to help them manage corporate passwords. Upon signing up, clients have access to a skilled IT team that can help configure everything by email or remote connection.

Passwork has curated a variety of packages to fulfil the needs of different organizations. Once a client has paid for the password manager, they can then decide whether they want to pay for technical support as well as software updates.

Passwork has developed a sophisticated solution to password management issues that plague organizations of all sizes. With the enterprise package, clients can benefit from maximum protection across different company branches. Thanks to Passwork, companies can now protect their passwords while helping employees work safely from anywhere.

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Passwork ( is a self-hosted password manager that makes dealing with corporate passwords easy. With Passwork, companies of all sizes can store and manage passwords safely, while ensuring safe collaboration among teammates.


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