Your Australian Property Empowers Home Buyers to Score Off-Market Properties in Melbourne 1
Real estate experts grant their clients exclusive access to their network of seller agents who offer silent listings at a more affordable price.

Your Australian Property Empowers Home Buyers to Score Off-Market Properties in Melbourne 2

There are a lot of factors that affect the difficulty of acquiring a house in Melbourne today. The real estate industry has a ‘ton’ of complexities that only property buying experts can navigate through them. Melbourne’s #1 Property Buying Market Experts, Your Australian Property, has gotten to know the industry’s ‘ins’ and ‘out’s for over three decades. They offer a win-win solution to their clients through their direct access to off-market properties secured at the lowest possible price without having to compete against other buyers.

Your Australian Property has more than 500 Melbourne real estate network connections that allow its clients’ exclusive access to the best homes before they get publicly listed. Therefore, approximately 25% of property purchases from them are bought off-market thanks to their trusted real estate network who only reserve property listings to a selected few. Off-market listings exist because some confidentiality conditions must be observed. Thus, selling agents choose to share them with buyer’s agents instead of the general public.

The majority of off-market properties are pre-market listings that are also known as ‘silent’ or ‘pocket’ listings as they are not advertised for sale across mainstream online media. Opting for an off-market property would be much less stressful since buyers will be able to skip unnecessary viewings and competing against other buyers at property auctions. Aside from the convenience it offers, there is also less competition from other potential buyers, which increases the likelihood of getting the property at a lower or more reasonable price. Interested buyers can take their time mulling over the property and accomplishing due diligence since off-market sellers are often not in a rush. Though, there are some cases where sellers face unique opportunities such as financial hardship that prompt them to quickly sell their property to an eager buyer who was introduced by a trusted agent. Regardless of the situation, Your Australian Property can smoothly set the right pacing with its proven expertise in the real estate field.

Those interested in buying a property in Melbourne can easily get in touch with Your Australian Property through their website and be first in the know when it comes to off-market opportunities that cannot be acquired with other agents. The team behind Your Australian Property is composed of licensed property buying professionals who can efficiently identify the best properties that suit your specific requirements, spending budget and property goals. They can also negotiate the price and best settlement terms that would fit the needs of their clients. Aside from selling off-market properties, their service offerings also include buyer agents service, auction bidding service, online property auction bidding service, property negotiation service, commercial services and vendor advocacy service.

About Your Australian Property

Your Australian Property is a boutique buyer’s agency and an independent entity with over three decades of experience in the Melbourne real estate market. It has more than 500 real estate connections across Melbourne and serves as the buyer’s direct link to off-market and pre-market properties.

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