Zedrick E. Young Announces the Release of His First Book Generation 2X 1
The gripping story of a musician trying to make it big during the coronavirus pandemic

Zeke launches a new book called Generation 2X written by Zedrick E. Young. It features 5 compelling chapters detailing the trials and tribulations of a man struggling for years to make a name for himself in the music industry, only to be struck down once again because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This book explains the problems that a struggling musician is faced with and how the Covid-19 pandemic further affected this already struggling musician trying to make a name for himself. The story of how a young barber from Winston-Salem became a music promoter and the owner of a radio station makes this book highly educational and inspiring, and aims to give hope and motivation to others in a similar situation. 

“A very compelling book about the struggles of an artist. It took me many years to launch my career as a musician and a lot of struggles after that too, so I could relate to many things mentioned in this book. A very refreshing read!” – Ellie Carter

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon and Website and at all major bookstores in [Winston-Salem, North Carolina]:

About the Author

Z. E. Young is a barber and music promoter by profession. Having struggled for years in the music industry, he got his big break after starting live shows on social media platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify, about music and social issues. Today, Young owns a radio station and is also a music promoter who has always used his time and energy to help and promote others in their journey to success. He wishes to become a voice of the voiceless in the community and wants to encourage and empower the black community and also spread awareness about the rights of minorities.

Media Contact
Company Name: Zeyoung
Contact Person: Zeke
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Phone: 413-579-8484
Address:100 Vista Cir C
City: Winston Salem
State: NC
Country: United States
Website: https://ze-young.com/