AsiaMe: Mid-Autumn Day 2021 – The Best Time to Make Relationships Blossom 1
It’s a good time to build connections with Chinese women on the coming Mid-Autumn Day 2021!
People in China will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 21, 2021. This is a unique opportunity for foreign men to approach Chinese women effectively.

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival, is approaching and people in China are notably excited about it! The Mid-Autumn Festival will take place on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. It is a public holiday in China so people will have a holiday of three days that they typically use to spend with their families.

AsiaMe, an international dating website, is encouraging men on the platform to learn more about the holiday and use those days to interact with Chinese ladies.

What is Mid-Autumn Festival?

AsiaMe: Mid-Autumn Day 2021 – The Best Time to Make Relationships Blossom 2

Chinese people celebrate the Mooncake Festival in a similar way that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. It is the time of reunion. Traditionally, this holiday starts on the 15th day of the 8th month, following the Chinese lunar calendar. By the Gregorian calendar, it falls in September or early October. After the Chinese New Year, Moon Festival is the second most celebrated festival in this country. People celebrate it by having dinners in the family circle and watch the moon.

Everything about the festival is related to the moon. People admire the moon, eat mooncakes, drink tea and celebrate the harvest! Apart from China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is widely celebrated in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam where there are also unique ways to celebrate the Moon Festival. They are similar but not identical to the Chinese traditional celebration.

How Can Mid-Autumn Festival Affect Dating?

AsiaMe is connecting Western men with Asian women. Considering the occasion, this platform is giving its users tips on how to use the Moon Festival to increase their chances with Chinese ladies.

1. Learning About the Culture Behind the Festival

To send an impactful first message to a Chinese girl on a dating website, members of AsiaMe are advised to learn about the Mooncake Festival before September 21st. By knowing the meaning of the festival and some fun facts, they will have a unique chance to impress Asian girls with their knowledge. It is extremely important to approach women online in a unique, memorable way. Talking about the Mooncake Festival with a foreigner will be a totally different experience for a Chinese girl. It will leave a good impression on her. The first conversation in many cases determines whether the woman will be interested in having more conversations with the man who approaches her. This is an amazing opportunity to appear interested, knowledgeable, and open-minded to Asian women only by learning enough about this holiday and using those findings at the right time.

2. Admiring Moon Together

Considering that Chinese people worship the moon to the extent of having a holiday dedicated to it, foreigners can join them and admire it together. On a dating website, a western man can turn this occasion into a romantic date that the Asian girl will never forget. For example, if a foreigner has been talking to a Chinese girl a few times and wants to take a step forward, this will be a perfect chance to do that. He can invite her for a date at the Mooncake Festival. The date can include calling her on camera to watch the moon, listen to moon-related songs, or watch a moon-related movie! There are multiple ideas for this day that Westerners can use to impress Chinese ladies. Since people in Asia are already excited about the holiday, such a romantic date will give a girl from China another reason to remember the Mid-Autumn Festival long after September 21st, 2021.

3. Showing Open-Mindedness

Respecting the Chinese culture and learning about it shows open-mindedness that Asian ladies find exceptionally attractive. Being open-minded is essential for interracial relationships. Talking to a girl from China about a public holiday and showing some interest in her culture will draw her attention immediately. It will be a good foundation for a potential relationship. Chinese women will feel freer to talk to foreigners if they see that these men respect their culture.

Apart from learning about the Mid-Autumn Festival, Westerners should read about other aspects of Chinese culture as well. While the primary reason for learning might be to impress girls from China, it doesn’t have to be the only reason. China has an incredibly interesting history and traditions. Aside from being more attractive to Asian women, foreigners can also learn things from the Chinese culture that may affect other parts of their lives.

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