Doctor and rising entrepreneur shares tested and proven free online resources on achieving financial freedom 1
Fire The Boss is revealing seasoned side-hustle secrets and expert tips to attain financial independence and find happiness in life.

New York City, NY – September 08, 2021 – Fire The Boss is pleased to announce the relaunch of its free online resources packed with time-tested and proven strategies on attaining financial freedom and leading a happy life. The blog is the brainchild of doctor and highly successful entrepreneur, Fraser, who has grown and  sold multiple 5-figure online brands in 2021 while simultaneously serving as a doctor. He has shared the same entrepreneurial strategies in the blog that have helped him to become a successful entrepreneur today, despite his packed schedule as a doctor.

“I am excited to share with you all that we have recently relaunched the free online resources of Fire The Boss which are bustling with expert insights on achieving financial freedom. I am passionate about attaining financial freedom as well as helping others in achieving it too. I have successfully launched and sold multiple businesses this year, and all that whilst working full time as a medical doctor on the front line against COVID-19. I believe, if I can do it, you too can- all you would need here is the right motivation, industry insights, and the proven tips to become successful online. Fire The Boss is your one-stop guide”, stated Fraser, doctor by day and financial blogger by night. 

Doctor and rising entrepreneur shares tested and proven free online resources on achieving financial freedom 2

Per his statements, Fire The Boss extends the side-hustle secrets that helped Fraser to build up a highly successful business online today. 

“At Fire The Boss, you will discover the proven side-hustles, entrepreneurial spirit, and a shared desire to escape the mundane rat race and live your dream life to the fullest.” 

Fire The Boss features a wide range of expert articles on Financial Independence. Visitors will find posts on a variety of topics related to attaining financial independence, such as- how to become financially savvy, importance of financial independence, the possible ways to become financially independent, tips to calculate savings rate, and more. There is also a post on how side-hustles can dramatically boost the route to financial independence.  

“We have got an Early Retirement Calculator in the blog. It’s free to use and will calculate two things- how much money you would need for an early retirement and growth of your portfolio over time.” 

Another major category covered by the blog is Investment. The section is bustling with posts that would be useful for both novice and veteran investors, such as tips for investing in index funds, tips to follow when stocks are crashing, DeGiro ETF investment, and so on.  

Since successful financial independence is not possible without know-how on personal finance management, Fire The Boss has got a separate section dedicated to Personal Finance only. Readers will find posts on investments, debts, top side hustles of 2021  to boost up personal finance, and more, There are also posts on high-tech budget apps- the latest addition to the world of personal finance management. 

Interestingly, Fire The Boss has got a special section for Lifestyle advice as well.

“My blog is about achieving financial independence and living life to the fullest. But, a fat bank balance is not enough to make you happy. You need to develop the spirit to enjoy life at its best and we will show you how.” 

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