Joy Spreader Sees Historical Opportunities in Creating a Cross-platform Ecosystem, as China’s Internet Platforms Open Up 1

China’s push to curtail the monopolistic behavior of Internet companies is quickly removing barriers within the online environment. The move is expected to greatly enhance Joy Spreader is data analysis and utilization capabilities, enabling it to strengthen its algorithmic capabilities while reducing traffic costs, and to evolve from a platform to a cross-platform ecosystem, embracing greater growth opportunities.

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In a move to create a level playing field for all, the essence of the anti-monopoly rules is to facilitate the creation of a fair competitive market environment, create a broad space for the development of all types of market players, especially small and medium-sized businesses, and better protect the rights and interests of consumers. Against the backdrop, Internet platform companies will need to strengthen business integration, become more open, and do away with contrived barriers. An interconnected Internet ecosystem is the one that best meets the interests of all parties.

“Joy Spreader, as an independent third party, is neither the traffic agent of any platform nor beholden to any major platform nor in any way limited to doing business with only one platform,” said one of Joy Spreader’s executives when commenting on the firm’s interim results in a conference call on August 31. “We will provide cross-platform marketing services based on our technical capabilities to facilitate integration between platforms.”

The liberalized environment opens the door to industry-wide changes. Interconnection was the original intention of the Internet, and opening up is the foundation of a digital ecosystem. The social value that can be created by the massive number of exchanges that can take place between platforms is certainly much greater than that created by limiting exchanges to within a single platform.

Interconnection between platforms will certainly bring about new bonuses. Interconnection between and opening up of platforms will result in a win-win for all parties concerned. For small and medium-sized businesses, lifting the block against external links will reduce traffic and operating costs while making it easier to run one’s business, while for consumers, the move can only help to make all online interactions, and by the same token, life, all that much more convenient.

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With the opening up of the platform ecosystem, information silos are broken down, however, complications are introduced in that all the possibilities for transaction matchmaking become all the more complex, making efficiency difficult to ensure. This challenge will need to be solved by new means such as intelligence, data and algorithms, and interest-based recommendations. Joy Spreader, in its position as a leading mobile new media performance-based marketing technology company based in China , will have an historical opportunity to evolve from a platform to a cross-platform ecosystem offering many needed services.

Joy Spreader is a leading technology company in China engaged in intelligent mobile new media performance-based marketing. On the back of 10 years of experience in the internet space, the Group has become one of the few performance-based marketing technology platforms with technical innovation as its main driving force. Based on its data and algorithm capabilities, Joy Spreader uses interest-based recommendations to help customers reach consumers directly across multiple platforms including the WeChat Official Accounts Platform, WeChat Channels and Douyin. The Group has opted for a cost-per-sale (CPS) approach, choosing it as its main business model.

As of June 30, 2021, Joy Spreader covered 1.5616 million marketing points, including 657,300 on Douyin, 872,900 on the WeChat Official Accounts Platform, and 31,300 on WeChat Channels.

In addition to its domestic platform-based business, Joy Spreader is also actively expanding its e-commerce marketing business outside of China. With TikTok and similar platforms in the initial stages of monetizing their platforms, Joy Spreader’s cross-platform service capability will be significantly enhanced and the value of its marketing technology ecosystem will continue to receive more attention.

A healthy competitive environment is one that allows for participation by all interested parties and does not set any barriers in terms of who can compete. In particular, lead players should assume their role as innovators. Only innovation can bring about real social progress. The move from “walled gardens” to an “interconnected community” may be the beginning of a major shift across the entire online world.

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