LegalStream Assists Personal Injury Cases by Connecting Claimants with Attorneys & Health Providers 1
It is a revolutionary platform that ties two industries together — legal and health.

In any personal injury case, communication is often disorganized, unreliable and expensive. LegalStream, a cloud-based communications platform, is designed to connect all parties on the claimant’s side of a personal injury case (especially their legal and health teams) — easing their distress as they fight for their claim.

LegalStream connects injured claimants to personal injury attorneys and health providers in one central and secure space. Once connected, they can share documents and case status to ensure that the process is streamlined throughout the entire case from start to finish.

“LegalStream closes the communication gap between injured claimants, personal injury attorneys, and health providers in the personal injury process. It replaces a primitive communication process between the major parties on the plaintiff’s side of a personal injury case,” stated a company representative.

Their online directory has one of the largest networks of personal injury attorneys and health providers across the nation. It allows claimants to search, review and contact attorneys directly through LegalStream’s online directory and portal. Claimants simply search for the right attorney by specialty and location, and once connected, their selected attorney will review their case thoroughly. They will have access to their case anywhere at any time and can upload documents that are important to the case directly through the portal. At the same time, they will receive status updates from their attorney and health providers throughout their case.

This is how LegalStream works. After finding the attorney who will address all their legal needs, claimants present their case by answering a brief questionnaire. It will give their attorney key information that will allow them to assist their legal situation better. In turn, their attorney can connect them to a network of health providers directly through the portal. The platform enables them to connect and follow up with vital updates on their case. They will receive key information from their attorney and health providers, including medical appointment reminders, documents and case status updates in real-time.

Established in 2019, LegalStream is based out of San Antonio, Texas. They offer a forward-thinking solution and break the barriers of traditional communication. They have recruited some of the best software engineers in the industry to innovate and develop the most efficient communication platform for personal injury professionals.

Legal experts, health professionals and health facilities can sign up for free to try the platform out.

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About LegalStream

LegalStream is a software company established in 2019. It is based out of San Antonio, Texas, and aims to improve one of the most important aspects in a personal injury case — communication.

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