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Leiana I. Kekoa-Lum is committed to helping people on their spiritual journey by teaching them how to become a medium, read the tarot, and learn astrology.

New Spiritual Programs By Leiana I. Kekoa-Lum 2

Hilo, Hawaii – Leiana I. Kekoa-Lum has been a psychic all her life. She was initially unaware of how to embrace all her Clair’s. The majority of her abilities seemed to be suppressed growing up. So, to reawaken these concealed abilities, Leiana reached out to other members of the spiritual community. 

After becoming a healer and aligning her chakras, she gained clarity and strengthened her psychic abilities. Once she became a master healer of the Usui-Tibetan lineage, Leiana was drawn towards Toltec Shamanism, where she became initiated as a Toltec healer.

Leiana has now launched new spiritual programs to help other people on their spiritual journey. She believes that she can help people gain clarity and heal their karma. Her primary focus will be teaching people how to read the tarot, learn astrology, and become a medium. She is further offering single sessions for psychic readings, akashic readings, healing sessions, tarot oracle readings. 

Toltec healing goes beyond just thinking about something that a person wants to change. It involves looking inwards to find energy blocks and then unweaving these blocks to gain clarity. These energetic blocks might be the fear or something a person takes on from society that is not currently helping them. Releasing these blocks helps a person find his true self and move forward from a fixed place. 

Leiana wants to give back by helping people awaken their dormant psychic abilities. She believes that with proper guidance, everyone can gain clarity and heal their inner self. By cutting external energies, a person can live a more fulfilling life. Leiana can help people achieve this clarity through her new programs. 

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