RobeeAsk – A platform to make open source project fly 1 is a platform launched by It is a new way to help open source projects grow and let the project’s owner make some money, so that the owner will have more inspiration to maintain the project.

It’s a headache to provide customer support when a project(especially open source) grows while there is not much revenue coming yet and without enough staff to provide customer support. 

RobeeAsk can inspire people to answer customer or user’s inquiries on behalf of the project team.

Short explanation on how to make money on the platform:

With more of your project’s users, more questions from users are coming, and the project owner will not have enough time to respond or help users in detail. RobeeAsk knows that most users do not come to the Issues board on github or other communities unless they get an issue or question. Most of them are not expected to help others.

In RobeeAsk platform, users can post a question with reward if they want to get the answer promptly.

When the owner has time, he can answer the question, and he will get the reward if the questioner chooses the answer as Best answer.

When the owner has no time, Other users who know the answer will possibly help the questioner. 

So the result is that no matter whether the owner has time or not, the owner will get reward or time to maintain the project.

Each new registration will get 500ROBEE automatically, 500ROBEE=5USD. It means the  replier will be able to receive 5usd after answering a question, it’s equal to “buy me a coffee”.

RobeeAsk’s goal is to give birth to a potential great project which could change the world.

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