Top Rated Los Angeles Employment Attorney Releases Book on Workplace Rights 1
Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Kingsley has authored an e-book, which will be available on the Kingsley & Kingsley Employment Lawyers’ website. The book provides a detailed explanation of employees’ rights under California’s labor laws, how they can exercise those rights, and how they can seek justice for their employers’ illegal actions and practices.

Top Rated Los Angeles Employment Attorney Releases Book on Workplace Rights 2

Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Kingsley has released a new e-book titled “Workplace Rights: What Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know,” a comprehensive guide to employees’ rights in California.

Kingsley said he authored this e-book with the hope that it would be used as a guide and resource by anyone who works or plans to work in California. It contains vital information that employers probably don’t want their employees to know, he said.

“We live in a world where information is power,” Kingsley said. “The right information can equip and empower you with the tools you need to take action. This book, I hope, will inform employees in California about their rights in the workplace and offer suggestions on how to identify workplace violations. More importantly, the book tells workers how to fight for their rights, which are guaranteed to them under the law.”

The e-book consists of six chapters, the first of which deals with how to identify whether or not your employer is violating labor laws. The other chapters deal with detailed explanations of labor laws at the state and federal level; the circumstances under which job termination becomes illegal (wrongful termination); laws relating to meal and rest breaks; unpaid wages; and how to deal with an employer who is violating the law.

Top Rated Los Angeles Employment Attorney Releases Book on Workplace Rights 3

Kingsley understands that such violations of the law in the workplace has not just financial ramifications, but could also have adverse effects on an individual’s career, future and emotional state.

“Facing discrimination, harassment, retaliation or wrongful termination can be among the most traumatic experiences in one’s life,” he said. “Knowing and understanding your rights can give you the power to stand up and fight when you see wrongdoing or illegal practices in the workplace.”

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