Empowermin’s Innovative Technology Set to Revolutionize Fuel Consumption And Effects Of Emission On Global Warming 1

Empowermin, an environmental science, engineering and technology company, is focused on giving solutions to practical problems faced by the world. It offers a Green Technology for diesel engine applications extends fuel use that can lower emissions by up to 80% and increase horsepower efficiency, besides being environmentally friendly.

The financial implication of fuel for vehicles, combined with the environmental implication of the emissions of these fuels into the environment, has had a negative impact. Empowermin is helping to solve this problem with innovations that help mitigate the effects of climate change and strengthen planetary sustainability.

The Incremental Partial Hydrogen Injection is a high-quality hydrogen on-demand technology, an i-Phi Module that reduces fuel consumption through an electrolytic process that aspirates the correct amount of hydrogen and oxygen into the engine. This results in enhanced combustion reduced maintenance needs and lowered emissions. This also helps to reduce operating costs and also helps to protect the earth’s atmosphere and human health.

The hydrogen injection’s mode of operation is a controlled electrolysis unit using distilled water stored in a tank. The unit can be adapted to any Truck, stationary Generator, Vessel or Equipment. Installation takes two to four hours, the only connections required are battery, alternator and piping to the intake air system. This unit requires no maintenance, only refilling with distilled water by a trained operator.

The benefits of the i-Phi Module technology are numerous. This includes countering rising fuel costs, better mileage up to 30% highway, addition of horsepower by up to 11%, reduction in emissions up to 80%, and a return on investment in less than 15 months.

Empowermin has introduced hydrogen technology in Canada and the United States with an expected 10 years+ lifespan. This technology is fully tested and in use worldwide. 

In line with Empowermin’s main philosophy and belief that technology can be used to solve problems in a modern environment, to enhance the quality of life for citizens, while also improving human health, its team of experts are meeting that expectation with this innovative technology.

For more information, please visit: https://empowermin.com/

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