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Your Six Veteran Services is committed to help veterans attain a substance-free life and both mental and physical wellness in a safe environment so that they can go back to being productive members of the society.

Veteran-owned Your Six Veteran Services helping fellow veterans to lead a quality life 2

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – September 27, 2021 – Veteran-owned non-profit organization Your Six Veteran Services has recently received a big shout out from The City of Lebanon for helping to clean up the property of a local 86-year-old Korean War Veteran. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the organization is dedicated to make lives better for fellow veterans in need in the community.

One of the recent projects taken up by the organization involved cleaning up the exterior of a Korean War Veteran. The 86-year old was down with an enormous amount of 26 tons of refuse in his premise that was almost impossible to clean up without professional help. When Marine veteran Edward Poorman, the founder of Your Six Veteran Services, heard about the problem, he immediately sent his team to the premise of the Korean War Veteran for a thorough clean-up.  

“It was quite a challenging job but we are happy that we could be of help to our Korean War hero”, stated Edward Poorman while talking about their recent clean-up service. 

“It took us several days to clean up and remove the whole lot of 26 tons of refuse from his premise. Our team of dedicated veteran volunteers was very eager to help him out; they have done a great job and we are happy that now our Korean War Hero’s property is in full compliance with Lebanon City Codes. We are deeply grateful to the City of Lebanon too for acknowledging our service and for believing in our ethos to help the fellow veterans in need. We have received  a big shout-out from The City of Lebanon, it has been a huge inspiration for us and has further motivated us to keep up the good work.” 

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(In Frame: Edward Poorman)

Your Six Veteran Services is driven by the mission to provide a safe environment for the War Heroes where they can recover their health and wellness in peace. The organization caters to veterans across Lancaster, Pennsylvania and also surrounding counties.  

Per the statements of Mr. Poorman, Your Six Veteran Services is committed to help veterans to work on their complete health through wellness and rehab programs. The non-profit organization follows a “holistic health” recovery approach that focuses on not just the physical health, but also on the mental, social, and spiritual health- added to recovery from addiction, where needed.  

Ran by veterans and for the veterans, the Your Six Veteran Services facility advocates a safe Substance Free Veteran Center. The organization conducts both individual and group therapy sessions in respective individual and group therapy rooms, as per the specific needs of the veterans.  

Additionally, the sprawling facility houses a café, lounge, game room, and a learning center 

“Our goal is to provide a relaxing and safe facility that would not only take care of the mental health and sobriety aspects of our fellow veterans- but would also assure a fun and friendly environment for our brothers and sisters in arms. Thus, added to our therapy rooms, we have also got multiple social settings, like café, game room, lounge etc., where our veterans can enjoy happy and safe social interactions with other veteran-friends. The idea is to foster healthy behaviors to help veterans take back their lives and regain their positions in the community as the mentors and leaders”, explained Mr. Poorman. 

Your Six Veteran Services is renowned for its unparalleled commitment to the veterans.  

“We have your back; we are here to cover your blind spots. We are guided by the mission to  create a ‘safe’ haven for our fellow veterans where they can let their guard down and be themselves. At Your Six Veterans Services, we believe a ‘secured’ environment is crucial to enable the veterans to accept help for the challenges they are facing and break all the shackles that have been preventing them from being productive members of the society.  

Your Six Veteran Services has partnered with St. Anne’s Church to help veterans find their road to a peaceful and meaningful life.

“We are grateful to St. Anne’s Church for partnering with us and for believing in our mission to help veterans find their way back to a healthy, sober, and productive life. We believe the partnership will go a long way in encouraging veterans to bring a positive change in their lives.  

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A United States Marine Veteran and philanthropist, Edward Poorman is also a renowned entrepreneur who currently spearheads the leading property inspection company, Associated Building Inspections, Inc. Mr. Poorman holds an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Temple University. He is also certified in building, plumbing, mechanical, energy, and electrical code compliance services  for residential and commercial properties. 

Mr. Poorman started his career in the United States Marine and was honorably discharged a decorated Sergeant of Marines. During his tenure, he held the designation of  Operating Base Air Chief in Iraq. 

In August 2017, Edward Poorman took over the ownership of Associated Building Inspections. Founded in 1994, AIB is one of the most renowned names in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania property inspection scene. Located in central PS, the company extends a comprehensive range of code enforcement as well as administrative services through its powerful team of Structural, Architectural, Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP), Energy, Solar, Fire and Accessibility experts. 

“A major factor that separates AIB from the rest is our unique team. Our team includes experts from various disciplines, including Structural, Architectural, Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP), Energy, Solar, Fire and Accessibility. Such a versatile team enables us to offer you industry-leading inspection, code enforcement, and administration services with a holistic approach. Backed by a comprehensive experience of 300-long-years, we assure you of a highly knowledgeable and authentic service that you can always count on”, added in Mr. Poorman. 

AIB caters to both residential and commercial properties. The company also assists property  managers and rental property owners.

“We hold the experience and expertise to not only ensure that your project complies with all updated code standards but to also assure a cost-effective solution.” 

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