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Direct marketing & data agency, Speedon, launches Intelligent Retargeting to help brands maximize their website retargeting efforts using a unique data engine

Speedeon, a leading direct marketing and data agency, today announced the launch of their Intelligent Retargeting product. The solution helps marketers retarget website visitors with direct mail. Unlike other retargeting solutions, Speedeon utilizes a proprietary data engine powered by consumer transactional data to score each visitor. This ensures advertisers aren’t taking an expensive, one size fits all approach. Instead, with Intelligent Retargeting, they are reaching only the most ideal prospects with a personalized message, ultimately maximizing their ROI.

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“Speedeon is excited to help advertisers reimagine their website retargeting strategy,” states Anthony Pauley, Speedeon SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Everyday, we help advertisers launch successful direct mail strategies. But direct mail can quickly become expensive without the right data behind it. Other providers are focused on volume. We’re focused on results. Our Intelligent Retargeting solution helps pinpoint the most responsive users to mail. This approach means brands keep their CPAs low and their ROI high, a total game-changer,” adds Pauley.

On average, approximately 96% of website visitors are not ready to make a purchase when they arrive on the site according to Marketo. To combat this, advertisers have leaned on digital retargeting. But with banner fatigue and ad-blocking, direct mail retargeting is proving a powerful way for brands to stand out with a physical, can’t-miss experience. In fact, a 2021 US Postal Service (USPS) study cites that 88% of millennials take the time to look at the mail to ensure nothing important is discarded. Direct mail is a traditional, yet tried and true tactic that is more effective than ever.

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Speedeon’s Intelligent Retargeting solution can be a powerful, always-on strategy for direct response marketers because it is:

– Easy to get started – Launching an Intelligent Retargeting program is as simple as placing a tag on your website and ensuring users are given proper notice and choice.
– Fast turn around – Reaching users at the right moment is key. Speedeon’s data processing capabilities mean you’ll be in the mailbox while you’re still top of mind.
– Optimized for efficiency – No two visitors are alike. So why should they be treated the same? Speedeon’s modeling engine, driven by industry-specific, aggregated transactional data, helps us pinpoint your hottest prospects so you’re only investing your dollars in those contacts.
– Personalization at scale – Depending on whether a visitor is a current, past, or prospective customer, Speedeon can help you target, suppress, and personalize messaging based on various data points.
– Baked in analytics – By leveraging the product’s unique data sources, brands give themselves a competitive edge that reduces marketing costs and enables better personalization.
– End-to-end agency expertise – With Speedeon, brands don’t have to go it alone. We not only provide the data, but our agency team is here to help with strategy, creative, mailing processes and measurement, wherever you need us to fill a gap.

Leading advertisers are already seeing success with the Intelligent Retargeting solution.

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