Printcloud creates an Innovative print platform to help business scale their marketing 1
Print fulfillment solutions for marketing departments and franchisors to help manage consistent branding.

Printcloud is changing how businesses get critical print material out to their offices, stores and frontline employees. Printcloud has centralized printing for businesses, through a unique portal coined the printcloud – customers are able to log in through a secure link to find an array of assets that can be personalizde for your department or store and order directly online.

Printcloud’s unique print technology removes all the time and cost of marketing departments engaging with staff and individual offices and franchise stores for minor changes in artwork or personalization for a specific region. This also helps maintain branding and colour throughout all print material across regions.

As an example in a recent case study within a Insurance firm it was found that on average the business spends 1.1 business hours ordering a set of business cards through their company. The person in need of business cards within the firm sends an email to their marketing team or admin team, they create a proof, they send it back to the person for approval. After the approval, the admin team has to contact their printer and put it in production, and get their finance team to process the payment before the cards are released.

With printcloud portal, companies can now liberate staff to go online using a secure link no login is needed to find the template or item in the catalogue, enter their information, a proof is generated live and they can check out like an online store either on account or pay for it themselves in under 5 minutes.

In another case study a new burger & shakes franchise had just started a limited-time new menu campaign. The franchise reached out to their head office for address edits to promotional flyers to solicit their surrounding area, unfortunately, 6 other franchisees were also waiting for artwork at the same time. The franchisee instead had to create their own flyer and was only had enough time to solicit for the last week of the campaign. With printcloud portal each franchisee would have been able to do both price edits and address edits for their region on their own within a few minutes and generate an order for delivery within a few days.

Each catalog can be filled with both physical and digital assets that can all be personalized real-time. Imagine an insurance broker for a specific region wants to put in their head shot for an e-blast. We are able to create these digital assets and make them available for download. From business cards, postcards, flyers to pdf newsletters, to thank you messages all customized in one central location a companies own unique “printcloud”.

Leading the way, Printcloud offers the service free to start for businesses to see value in it – with a 7-day lead time to get companies started. Join many the many businesses that have redirected their marketing departments from mindless editing of artwork back to driving leads through creative marketing.

Printcloud proudly serves Canada, the United States and Mexico.

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