Southshore Fine Linens Supplies Oversized Bedding Products To Families of All Ages 1
This Family-owned Luxury Linen Supplier is Proudly One of the Few Companies Offering Oversized Beddings, Made To Wrap Families in Comfort.

Southshore Fine Linens Supplies Oversized Bedding Products To Families of All Ages 2

Oversized bedding made to wrap families in luxurious comfort is a specialty at Southshore Fine Linens. The Las Vegas-based company is proudly among the very few suppliers of these well-beloved oversized textile products.

Southshore Fine Linens’ bedding is proven generous not only in size, but as well as in comfort, selection, quality, and price. Since the company was established in 2012, it has earned the trust of numerous customers throughout the US, establishing itself as a recognized household brand.

The oversized bedding which has become synonymous with the brand has an interesting story to tell. “My wife and I were trying to find oversized bedding for ourselves and had such a hard time finding anywhere that sold oversized bedding, so we started selling it so everyone could have access to what they need,” said Southshore Fine Linens CEO.

One of the company’s most favored products is its oversized quilts that easily fit any size of bed. Southshore Fine Linens also offers oversized flat sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, bed skirts, comforters, towels, and more.

Alongside having quality products, the company’s core strength lies in its impeccable customer service. The family-owned business has garnered more than 50,000 verified reviews from its vast record of satisfied clients. The Southshore Fine Linens’ team maintains a customer-centric approach, providing solutions that exceed expectations every time.

Southshore Fine Linens firmly upholds its promise to always provide honest products with the best possible quality. Following this commitment, the company offers a risk-free 30-day return policy as an assurance to their customers of its products’ top-notch condition.

Affordability is also a key aspect of the brand. Through its superb bedding, Southshore Fine Linens wishes to bring style and comfort to their valued customers at reasonable prices.

As a way of giving back to their clients, Southshore Fine Linens offers a special reward program, the Club Southshore Fine Linen. This reward program allows members to earn points through their purchases. The points can then be converted to monetary value that they can use whenever they shop. Club members also enjoy exclusive perks and even bonus points during their birthdays.

Furthermore, customers can delight in styling inspirations, tips, product updates, and other helpful information that the company actively shares on its blog and social media pages. The Southshore Fine Linens Facebook page has a growing audience currently numbering over 64,000 followers while its Instagram account, @southshorefinelinens, is closely approaching 10,000.

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