8 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs Most People Do Not Know 1

Many people often see massage chairs as luxury items reserved for the spare change of the wealthy or an average mall visitor. But stereotypes like that give massage chairs a bad name and deters those who could have significantly benefited from it. For the average consumer, it is indeed difficult to justify such an exorbitant expense. That’s why before Googling massage chairs for sale in your area, it’s best to know how exactly these magical pieces of furniture help the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1. The Zero Gravity Position

8 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs Most People Do Not Know 2

Several technical terms pop up in the product description page when browsing online or brick and mortar massage chair stores that most people might not understand. One of those must have been the “zero gravity position” which, before it is dismissed to the realm of science fiction, has some real-life applications. It refers to the seating position wherein a person’s knees and head lie slightly above the height of their heart, reducing the pressure on the spine and other skeletal structures. Most models of zero gravity massage chairs, such as the Ogawa Active L massage chair, achieve this feeling of “weightlessness” in multiple steps, slowly easing the body into that perfect seating position.

2. S and L Track Rollers

Another pair of jargon that a salesman might have told one of their customers. The S and L track refer to how the mechanical rollers of the massage chair caress the users’ back. S tracks travel along the natural curvature of your spine from the back of the neck down to the lower back, whereas L Tracks go farther below the glutes. These features are vital to back pain massage chairs and should be noted if one is to go shopping for one.

3. It loosens tensed muscles and improves blood circulation

It is a little-known fact that a decent massage releases strained muscles and promotes good blood circulation, but massage chairs do a little bit more than that. For example, the Ador Allure massage chair comes with built-in heating pads along the lumbar regions, raising the temperature of the affected area during the session and allowing blood to flow more freely while also relaxing the muscles. 

4. Body Scanning for personalized sessions

8 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs Most People Do Not Know 3

Most modern massage chairs like the Osaki Otamic LE massage chair come with a computer body scan to fine-tune each session according to the current user. They collect data about the user’s physical characteristics and re-calibrate the rollers’ placement and intensity. Just about any massage chair for sale can offer some form of relief, but a massage chair that knows what a specific person wants is an entirely different experience.

5. Eases Neck and Shoulder related issues

A stiff neck can easily ruin any person’s morning, and on a working day, a quick visit to the local massage parlor is just not an option. That’s when the convenience of a back massage chair in their own home truly shines. A quick 15-minute massage before work can provide a boost to anybody’s physical and mental wellbeing for the rest of the day.

6. The perfect post-workout cooldown partner

Cooldowns are just as essential to an exercise session as the workout itself, as they return the circulatory system to its pre-exercise state. This activity helps prevent post-workout injuries and allows the body to repair muscle cells more efficiently. A full-body massage chair is a perfect supplement for these relaxation periods and is certain to help the body get back to maximum performance in no time.  

7. Improves the quality of sleep

People often neglect the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and the unfortunate truth is that it is a luxury to have it regularly. That is why it is more important to find a way to help the body get to the optimal state. It has been sufficiently mentioned above how massage chairs help the body relax and relieving the stress from the activities of the day will prepare the body to get the best sleep it could possibly get.

8. Alleviates mental stress

8 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs Most People Do Not Know 4

Of course, stress doesn’t just refer to physical wellbeing, but mental as well. In other words, being relaxed physically begets being relaxed mentally. These two things cannot be apart, and to neglect one always leads to the deterioration of the other. A short period of meditation in a good massage chair gives the user a brief escape from the troubles of life and allows the body to devote itself to rest and relaxation.

Choosing where to buy massage chairs and which one is the best isn’t as simple as picking from the most expensive or top-rated massage chairs in the store. There is a slight nuance to it, but the decision becomes much easier once the customer has a grasp of the key features, they would want to keep an eye out for. Labelling massage chairs as luxury items would be the same as calling a car the same title. They provide a convenient method of relaxation in the comfort of one’s own home, and they might just be part of the reason their day gets a little bit brighter.

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