Akoya Legends: The most rewarding game based on blockchain technology. 1


Akoya Legends: The most rewarding game based on blockchain technology. 2

There’s been a lot of hype over the social media about an exciting game – AKOYA LEGENDS. This project aims to develop and bring about a revolutionary change to the NFT gaming space with mechanics that have never been developed before. Blockchain gaming is hyped up about and chosen above others in the gaming industry. This is because it is currently the most popular platform, and it is quickly expanding. By combining blockchain gaming with NFTs, investors will be able to participate in the exciting adventure ahead by earning earnings on the play to earn on the game that will be built. Many successful gaming initiatives have been built to offer a real-life experience so that users can participate in a variety of block- chain-based activities. One among them is Akoya Legends, which aims to provide investors with the chance to profit from the platform by doing activities and receiving prizes in exchange. The dual-chain architecture of BSC will be employed because it allows users to design and build their own decentralised apps and digital assets on the blockchain efficiently.

Akoya’s ultimate goal is to employ NFTs to revolutionise this world. By providing alternatives from their rivals, Akoya will continue to offer suggestions for blockchain gaming and assist in its transformation.

Akoya is a project that endeavours to use a gaming platform to connect with stakeholders. Users will be able to earn while interacting with the game that will be produced on the platform. This will effectively demonstrate to investors how far the gaming/blockchain business has progressed by allowing both sectors to work together to reward consumers. Prior to the introduction of the game, they will give an incentive to holding players by allowing them to claim various rewards.

Here’s how it works

• Users will be able to create a character starting at the lowest level and working their way up by completing activities. To assist an AKOYA in its adventure, they will have a monster that is linked to specific breeds.

• Within the game, there will be a walk to earn features. By completing easy milestones, users will be able to earn money. This element, which will be included in the game, will be a first-of-its-kind innovative innovation that has never been attempted before. Anyone may earn money with this function by just walking a basic milestone or initiating an activity within the game. Walking to the grocery store or a cafe could earn you money, as easy as it may sound.

• The Akoya Legends coin will be the first to have two reward pools, allowing investors to maximise  their earnings. We believed it would be more acceptable to allow consumers to pick from numerous alternatives rather than focusing on just one as the present market grows and becomes more popular than ever before. As they combine both gaming and blockchain and provide never-before-seen features, the P2E game will allow users to see how far both of them have progressed in recent years. Stakeholders will be able to collaborate and perform tasks while making money thanks to the features offered. The usage of two pools is incredibly important because it informs stakeholders that they’re prepared to give chances for them to profit while also ensuring the project’s long-term viability.

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