Host a Successful and Safe Football Watch Party with the Help of Kikoff App 1

It’s the football season. And what better way to watch everyone’s favorite sports than viewing it with close friends? Now that some countries and territories are becoming more amiable with their COVID-19 health protocols, physical and social interactions are now allowed, but of course, with reservations.

That’s why sports coverage is now back, allowing a limited number of live spectators to watch the game. But since not everyone is ready and willing to go outside because they are still limiting their outdoor exposure, they opt to watch the games in the comfort of their own homes. 

Football fans are known to be enthusiastic when it comes to supporting their favorite teams and athletes, that’s why even though these fans are just watching via their screens, it is impossible that they’d just watch the matches idly.

For example, football fans often host watch parties. And since the majority of the globe is still in the quarantine phase, these watch parties are more feasible than attending the game venues.

If one is planning to host a watch party for this football season, the pressure is higher because the goal is not just for people to have fun, but also, for everyone to be safe from the virus before, during, and after the games.

To help the watch party hosts, here are some tips and measures to apply in hosting a football watch party in the time of the pandemic:

  1. Make a non-negotiable rule that everyone who wants to join the watch party should be fully-vaccinated

The host planned a watch party to limit their exposure to the COVID-19 virus. So it’s best for the people who will come and join to be fully-vaccinated. This way, the football watch party would be all just about the rush and excitement, plus, people won’t be too worried about getting the virus.

  1. Arrange some halftime festivities

Football matches are oftentimes crucial to the point where fans will become dead silent during the halftime to calm their nerves. But, when all the spectators at watch parties are all harboring the same vibes, it can ruin the fun and momentum. So as the host, organizing mini games during halftime periods can help the audience take their minds off of the game even for a short period of time. Plus, these activities will put everyone in a good mood during the second half of the match.

  1. Try placing friendly guessing games with each other

It isn’t a watch party without guessing the outcome. Have some fun with friends by conducting some unusual and silly challenges like whose player will score a goal or a game winner, or who’s going to get a yellow or red card, or even guessing the final score.

These are just harmless and friendly, but to make smart guesses one may opt to use the Kikoff app.

Kikoff will help sports fans stay updated on each match by giving accurate information about the teams and athletes of different sports leagues. By skimming and reading through the statistics sheets, viewers will be more knowledgeable about the game in general.

Basically, this app is every sports fan’s best friend.

Download the Kikoff app now.

Have a fun-filled and safe football watch party with friends and Kikoff.

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