Industry leader My Floor scales up services to provide the best polished concrete Brisbane has 1
Led by expert polished concrete flooring consultants in Australia, top company is leading the charge in providing top-notch polished concrete Brisbane has to offer.

Industry leader My Floor scales up services to provide the best polished concrete Brisbane has 2

Leading Australia-based company My Floor has scaled up efforts to provide elite-level polished concrete services in Brisbane, leveraging cutting-edge technology in concrete processing science.

“While standard concrete is handy and has a multitude of different uses, it isn’t charming as a flooring option. Regular concrete is easy to chip, stain, crack, and wear down. That’s where polished concrete comes into the picture. It is trendy in high-end hotels, ritzy homes, and chic cafes. That’s because the floors add significant architectural interest to any space,” explains Matt Pluples, owner of My Floor. 

Polished concrete involves grinding down the first few layers of the slab. This reveals the stone/aggregate underneath. From there, depending on customer preference, My Floor’s team of experts can densify and polish the concrete or add topical concrete coatings. It can also add coloured dyes and decorative concrete cutting. The result is a shiny, impact-resistant, beautiful surface.  

The company offers a wide array of polished concrete options for customers. They include mechanically polished concrete options like Hiperfloor and Signature Floor. Other options include clear epoxy coatings, honed concrete for outdoor areas, and grind and seal both smooth and non-slip.

Matt says mechanically polished concrete is for indoors only. However, grind and seal is an option for both indoors and outdoors.

Industry leader My Floor scales up services to provide the best polished concrete Brisbane has 3

Mechanically polished concrete (MPC) does not involve any topical coatings. Rather, it’s the concrete itself that’s buffed down and highly polished until it shines. In this sense, MPC is touted as the truest form of polished concrete. Since there’s no topical coating that will wear away over time, there’s very little upkeep. The surface is also ten times stronger than its natural form, so it’s near impossible to crack. 

On the other hand, grind and seal systems involve applying a topical coating at the end. The concrete gets ground down to expose the desired level of aggregate exposure. From there, the installers prepare the surface for the top coating of either polyurethane or epoxy. While this coating will wear away or get scratched over time, grind and seal is a more cost-effective option.

My Floor, which started in 2009, expressed its thrust to continue growing and expanding each year in the business. Matt himself boasts 17+ years of experience in the flooring industry. He is experienced in polished concrete, epoxy flooring, and decorative concrete flooring. 

“Our longevity is due to our expertise and excellent service. We have superior product knowledge, and we’ve even crafted our own signature flooring solutions. Our team members have also mastered the art of problem-solving on the fly. As a result, we’re able to handle any issue that we encounter with total ease,” explains Matt.

Those looking for the ultimate polished concrete Brisbane can turn to My Floor for a free estimate. Customers can reach out and speak to one of the company’s professionals. 

Industry leader My Floor scales up services to provide the best polished concrete Brisbane has 4

My Floor can bring the showroom to you, where its team of experts can provide an onsite estimate and a viewing of product samples. Customers can learn more about My Floor and the entire services it offers by visiting its website.

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