Survival Trial Merges with Survival Artist 1
Survival Trial Merges with Survival Artist
Two survival websites dedicated to survival skills have merged to become Survival Artist.

Boulder, CO – After years of running adventure survival races the team at Survival Trial calls it quits. Survival Trial was bought and is now owned by the team at Survival Artist. Survival Trial provided a space where people could come to test out their survival skills against the elements over an extended multi-day adventure survival race. Participants get a chance to see if they have what it takes to make it out alone in the backcountry with only their wits to see them through the challenge. After nearly ten years of running the organization, they closed their shop and were integrated into Survival Artist.

Survival Artist aims at being able to teach people primitive living and basic survival skills so that they might be able to reconnect with the natural world through articles and events aimed at increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills about emergency preparedness, survival psychology, and wilderness survival.

What we call civilized living has left us disconnected. We no longer know the skills that have maintained our existence for thousands of years. Despite this, our dependence on the current system will reach a point in a few generations where we will have completely lost what it means to be autonomous. Having become so dependent on the framework that we have become, we will no longer be able to survive outside of it.

Survival Artist teaches basic survival skills to help us reclaim our autonomy.

About Survival Artist

Founded by Bram Johnson, Survival Artist seeks to spread the gospel of simple outdoor living. Bram grew up in the Rocky Mountains immersed in the Survival Prepping lifestyle and now spends his time hopping from wilderness to wilderness writing about his experiences. The team at Survival Artist consists of Nicholl Carlow, a Canadian reforestation expert; Philbert Kingly, an English Anthropologist; and Julius Blair, an expedition leader from South Africa.

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