TieSet Private release of next-generation AI platform “STADLE™” from Silicon Valley 1
Realizing distributed federated learning, on an IoT/ edge AI platform.

TieSet.Inc. (Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, USA, CEO Kiyoshi Nakayama) is to promote AI (artificial intelligence) on the Internet of Intelligence era found in the latest edge AI computing applications. As a foundation, they have developed the AI ​​platform “STADLE™)” whose core function is Federated Learning in a distributed environment, which will be indispensable in the future. 

Background AI processing using conventional big data has many problems. For example, privacy issues associated with collecting data from customers and users, computing and network resource measures to utilize data generated from large-scale edge computing environments such as IoT / IoE, real-time processing support, etc. As a solution to these issues, distributed AI technology that does not assume aggregated big data is required. At TieSet, they focused on this point from an early stage, envisioned a platform that integrated the functions necessary to realize federated learning on the premise of learning processing in a distributed environment, and implemented POC with multiple companies. Through this, they have organized the necessary functions and proceeded with development. Now that they have completed the development of the basic functions for commercialization, they have decided to carry out a private release. With this release, further functional improvements and commercialization of this platform To promote this, they are looking for a partner who can carry out both technical verification and verification.

STADLE (Scalable Traceable Adaptive Distributed Learning Platform)

Function Overview 

– Aggregation/synchronization function of AI model compatible with various machine learning frameworks in a distributed learning environment 

– Federated learning and transfer learning function of AI learning model

– Visualization of performance in federated learning

– Federated AI learning model management function Management of multiple projects

Various comparisons of AI learning models Personalization (management for each individual use) function of AI learning models-Web-based GUI interface using STADLE Dashboard

Areas expected to be used 

– Personal information management: medical field, financial related field 

– Distributed environment: IoT / IoE, smartphone field 

– Real-time processing: ADAS, etc.

Recruitment of technical verification partners With this private release, we are looking for companies and organizations that can carry out technical verification using STADLE. Please contact the inquiry email address below. We will provide it after confirming the necessary items.

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Address:651 N. Broad Street; Suite 206
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