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A YouTube Channel dedicated to helping the poor and those in need of donations and charitable work.

Caroline Mwelu Mwandiku through her YouTube channel, – True Kindness is eager to help people come out of unlucky life situations. She helps sufferers to amplify their voices through her channel. Most of the cases that she has worked with involve broken homes and domestic violence.

Recently she covered the case of Mutheu, a 23-year-old girl, who has been dealt with a stroke of bad luck. She has been mentally disabled since birth and has since experienced bad luck. Aside from being born mentally ill, Mutheu is also unable to speak. 

Caroline, who had a conversation with Mutheu’s mother, found out that, a while ago, Mutheu was raped when her mother had gone for a school meeting. The incident led to pregnancy and the birth of a daughter. 

According to Mutheu’s mother, their biggest need has been getting supplies for their home. 

“We are lacking a mattress, maybe a bed and food,” says Mutheu’s mother. She also explained that the baby needs clothing, food, and diapers. Their kitchen also needs a bit of an upgrade.

According to Caroline, “The story of Mutheu is quite sad. I’m concerned about that baby because Mutheu’s mother, who is the grandmother of the small baby, can’t work for the family. She has to stay at home and take care of Mutheu and the baby.

“So right now I just gave them some food and some diapers. But I really need your help outside there. If there’s anything you can help Mutheu and the family with, please contact me. Thank you and God bless you.”

Caroline uses her YouTube channel to project cases like these to the world in order to get those who appreciate and enjoy charitable work as well as people who believe in helping others in need to make donations. Those who love random acts of kindness, as well as those interested in helping the poor, can have an opportunity to see those who are in need and really offer a helping hand,

To make a donation or find out more, visit True Kindness on YouTube or

Check out the rest of Mutheu’s story on YouTube:

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