John Hayes of BALYO Reports the Robotics Trend to Customer-Centric Models for Forbes 1

John Hayes, Director of Sales for BALYO, a technological leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks, recently discussed trends in the robotics industry, particularly intralogistics. The feature can be read in Forbes here.

According to Hayes, “Too many companies are so beholden to the new influx of venture capital that investors, not end users (the operations managers and distribution center heroes) are the constituencies being addressed. This year alone more than a billion dollars of funding was poured into AGV and AMR (automated guided vehicle and automated mobile robot) companies.”

Understand when these companies take millions of dollars, the expectations of the investors are a rapid net value multiplier, market share-capturing enterprise. The actual result is that too many modern robotics companies overpromise and under-deliver to the end user or customer who just wants a really good Reach truck to navigate a narrow aisle distribution center to ensure on time shipping of goods.

Both investors and plant managers must adhere to the notion of “Buyer Beware” in an industry that is selling “cool sexy technology innovation.”  For investors, the past is prolog and the gravesites for AGVs are riddled with companies that could not deliver. For distribution center, warehouse, and plant managers, many have lost their jobs because they believe the promises made by overzealous salespeople. 

Hayes is a proud member of the Forbes Business Development Council, An invitation-only organization for senior-level sales and business development executives. Members are respected leaders and executives who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in the business development space.

About BALYO:

BALYO is the leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks. The company’s enhanced technological platform reduces sales cycles and benefit from the ramp-up of direct sales in the U.S.

BALYO transforms standard forklift trucks into standalone intelligent robots thanks to its breakthrough proprietary Driven by Balyo™ technology. The geoguidance navigation system developed by BALYO allows vehicles equipped with the system to locate their position in real-time and navigate autonomously inside buildings/warehouses. Within the automated handling vehicle market, the profitability of purchasing is unmatched.

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