Bruvi, the startup reinventing single-serve coffee, launches pre-orders of its innovative brewer 1
The Breakthrough Coffee Brewer Is Now Available for Pre-order Ahead of National Launch in 2022.

Bruvi, the startup reinventing single-serve coffee, launches pre-orders of its innovative brewer 2

While single-serve coffee comes out ahead of other brewing methods in terms of convenience, users have had to compromise on quality and often settle for a lukewarm, weak and bitter brew. Not only that, there’s also the matter of all those disposable single-serve pods.

Bruvi is a new player in the single-serve coffee brewer market that’s here to change all of that. The startup, which launched pre-orders of its breakthrough coffee brewer this week, promises remarkably tastier coffee and beverage variety, with all the benefits of a single-serve system. This is thanks to its proprietary brewing technology and super premium, verified sustainable craft coffees. Plus, they’ve come up with an innovative solution to the waste problem.

Bruvi brews filter coffee, true espresso, Americanos and the first cold brew from a single-serve capsule system. It’s an IOT smart device with mobile App and Wifi connectivity that allows for remote brewing, auto ordering pods, and accessing a user dashboard of consumption patterns.

“In creating Bruvi, our goal was to offer the perfect union of the craft and science of coffee. Secondly, we wanted to tackle the very real issue of plastic waste with a smart and practical solution,” said Mel Elias, Co-Founder of Bruvi.

To that end, Bruvi B-Pods™ can either be recycled or simply tossed in the trash. The coffee pods are infused with a bioenzyme which enables them to substantially break down in a landfill much faster than untreated plastics without leaving microplastics behind. In applicable landfills, the pods can also play a role in Landfill Gas to Energy projects, creating renewable energy and bringing enhanced end-of-life value.

This enzyme technology is the very latest in plastic waste advancement. All of this makes it easy for consumers who won’t or can’t recycle, to instead simply throw the pods in the trash knowing they can be collected into a landfill, digested and, in some areas, also repurposed.

The Bruvi Bundle is available for a limited quantity of pre-orders and includes the coffee brewer, a variety pack of 22 B-Pods™, a water filter and reusable canvas Japanese knot bag. Priced at $198, it’s a savings of 45% over retail value.

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About Bruvi®

Founded in 2018, Bruvi offers remarkably tastier coffee in a single-serve system, plus proprietary eco-friendly B-Pods®. Bruvi reinvents single-serve brewing with patent pending technology and a range of super premium, sustainably sourced craft coffee. Based in Los Angeles, Bruvi was founded by Sung Oh (inventor, former engineer and former patent attorney) and Mel Elias (former CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, investor, board member and M&A consultant) with a combined 34 years of coffee experience. Bruvi is a B Corp pending company.

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