Fukin Tuned Offers Drivers Control of their Gas Pedal Sensitivity 1
A flagship, aftermarket performance auto part redefines throttle management that’s beneficial to drivers of all kinds.

The advent of technology has caused many industries to develop new mechanisms to better serve their customers. However, with the notion of a one-size-fits-all solution, some people are just not enjoying the supposed benefits of new developments such as letting the car’s computer be in full control of the system. This doesn’t sit well with automotive experts in Fukin Tuned, believing that not every throttle map should not be the same because every driver has their own preferences and needs.

Fukin Tuned was born with the drive to allow drivers to enjoy the customization they deserve by giving them control of the throttle mapping armed with 36 sensitivity settings and anti-theft mode. “Fukin Tuned’s goal is to make quality on-the-fly throttle tuning available to everyone,” said the company’s spokesperson.

The Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), an automotive tech that replaced the mechanical linkage connecting the accelerator pedal to the throttle, makes the pedal response time slower due to the manufacturer’s settings. Therefore, there will still be a lag in the throttle response regardless of how quickly the gas pedal is floored. This is where Fukin Tuned comes in as it is plugged directly into the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (PPS), processing the information from it and sending it up to a thousand times faster to the system’s computer and throttle body.

With Fukin Tuned, drivers can effectively eliminate throttle delta from the gas pedal and empower their engine to respond faster. “Fukin Tuned is manufactured at one of the top automotive performance facilities in the world, ensuring a high-quality product and extreme performance. We know our customers will enjoy Fukin Tuned as much as we do!” the spokesperson added. Truly, the experience they provide is unparalleled and incredibly helpful.

Drivers need not to worry about the safety of their vehicle once it’s installed since it will only be switched on when the power is really necessary. Plus, it will not push any vehicle beyond its original safety measures. It must be noted, however, that Fukin Tuned does not increase horsepower but gives drivers complete customization control over how they want their accelerator to respond.

There is no need for drivers to go out of their way and visit a shop to have Fukin Tuned installed as it is an easy plug-and-play installation that will only take a few minutes. No time wasted especially for individuals who are always on the go. Those who are interested in knowing more about what Fukin Tuned can offer, go to their website now at https://fukintuned.com.

About Fukin Tuned

Fukin Tuned is a manufacturer of throttle response controllers and piggyback systems. It gives drivers customization control of their accelerator. Each Fukin Tuned purchase comes with a two-year product warranty with proof of purchase. This warranty applies to the Fukin Tuned Units that are purchased directly from an authorized reseller or the Fukin Tuned website.

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