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Thrive Chiropractic Health Center is a leading chiropractic office. What makes them unique is their dedication to providing fast and long-lasting results coupled with modern techniques. And in a recent update, they have shared the methods used in chiropractic treatment for spine injury.

Jacksonville, FL – Thrive Chiropractic Health Center, in a website post, has shared methods used in chiropractic Mandarin treatment for spine injury. 

One of them is the flexion-distraction technique. This technique is gentle and hands-on. It is a type of spinal manipulation for treating herniated disks. Rather than directing force to the spine, a slow pumping action is used by the chiropractor.

The other method is instrument-assisted manipulation. This is a non-thrusting technique often used by chiropractors. Without thrusting into the spine, the chiropractor applies force using a specialized hand-held instrument. This technique of manipulation is very useful for older patients with the degenerative joint syndrome.

Another technique the experts use in chiropractic Mandarin treatment for spine injury is specific spinal manipulation. Spinal cord injury may cause restricted or abnormal movement. A chiropractor will identify the spinal joints that are affected. The gentle thrusting technique will then be employed to stimulate the nervous system and stretch soft tissue so the normal motion of the spine can be restored. The chiropractor may use manual therapies like instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy and manual resistance and joint stretching techniques to complement spinal manipulation further.

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