Metal Art Maker by Next Innovations Launches New Line of Metal Blank Products 1
Following Increase In Demand For US-Made Products, Custom Metalwork Fabricator Introduces New Line of Metal Blanks Called Cottage Blanks to Cater to American Consumers.

Metal Art Maker by Next Innovations is a custom metalwork fabrication company based in Walker, Minnesota. With over twenty years of experience, the company has established itself as an expert in the industry. Next Innovation has catered to top-class clients such as Disney, serving as a wholesale supplier of custom-designed metal works.

Presently, the company has further expanded its market, bringing its services to the reach of direct consumers too. Its website features a wide variety of artisan metal works including hanging wall art, wind spinners, lawn decor, garden stakes, and more. Some of the most popular designs include eagle, butterfly, patriotic arts, and most notably, the EyCatcher wind spinner which is Next Innovations’ signature product.

Several years ago, Next Innovations introduced a new product concept called ‘metal blanks’. Under this program, the company offers a selection of painted metal blanks for clients to choose from. Upon choosing a blank, the team can then easily apply a print design according to the preference of the client.

This innovative concept allows the company to deliver orders at a remarkable speed. Next Innovation’s production is as fast as twenty-four hours. Clients will also benefit from the diversity of options with over a hundred different pre-cut blanks to choose from.

With border regulations compromising the supply chain, the company’s metal blanks have proven even more advantageous to local consumers during the pandemic. “Buying American-made has become more popular now that there are overseas supply chain issues at the ports,” said the team at Next Innovations. The company’s entire production process, from the design to packaging, is conducted on US soil.

Furthermore, Next Innovation saw substantial growth in its e-commerce platform. The company has a strong online presence and currently offers its products on Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair in addition to its own site. The team anticipates that their Cottage Blanks will further boost its sales performance.

Metal Art Maker by Next Innovation is a proud industry leader, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Rather than tin, its metal sheets are made from the highest-quality steel available in the market. The sheets go through the company’s laser and waterjet machines for precision cutting that is accurate down to the millimeter.

The print design is applied using dye sublimation. This extensive process ensures that the products are resistant to scratches, peeling, or chipping and will remain in top condition for decades.

Next Innovations just celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company sees this milestone as a testament to its resilience and resourcefulness despite challenges as well as the company’s proven dedication to excellence. At the same time, the company pays tribute to its founder, John Zacher, who passed away ten years ago.

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