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Susan’s Latest is Another Reader’s Favorite!

Susan Johnson-Kropp, an amazing creative writer and published author, made a comeback with a fascinating thriller, “Something Wicked.” After the success of her first novel, “Low hanging fruit,” it was evident her readers wanted more. However, this time she has decided to leave her mark on their memories with an intriguing murder mystery.   

Susan has been pursuing her creative passion in the world of literature. She lives with her husband and child in Washington. Her credentials make her a perfect match for this genre as she holds a degree in English creative writing from the University of Washington where she also minored in Psychology. This novel tells the story of a successful romance novelist living an unfulfilled life that suddenly became a wild ride after she embarks on an unofficial investigation of a wicked, murderous conspiracy. 

“Something wicked” is set in the present day, unlike her last novel. The contrast in her writing leaves the readers in awe of the skills and creativity that she displays in two complementary stories. The book was published on June 23, 2020, in paperback for $13.84 and Kindle for $7.99. It is also available on Audible. It is 296 pages; this story is bound to keep you engaged as you turn the pages, biting your nails to the end. 

“It was well written, with well-drawn characters, and the gradual revelation of the facts meant that it held your attention and you wanted to read on. Altogether, this was an engrossing read.” – Jim Bowen

Haven’t read a single page of “SOMETHING WICKED?” Enjoy your Christmas holidays with some warm coffee and amazing reads from Susan. You can order a paperback version on Amazon and Barns & noble today. Don’t have time to read word by word? Buy the audiobook version from Amazon right away. Buy your copy quickly before the whole edition sells out.

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