Brian Cuban, Author of “The Ambulance Chaser,” Announces “Kiss the Ring” Dallas Mavericks Championship Ring Meet and Greet 1
The event, which is hosted by Liberty Madison, will take place at Herbs House Coffee, and Brian will be sharing insights into his new books, while participants will have the chance to take a picture with the championship ring

Dallas, TX – Dallas-based attorney and author Brian Cuban announces “Kiss the Ring” Dallas Mavericks Championship Ring Meet and Greet event hosted by speaker, strategist, and consultant Liberty Madison. The event will be at Herbs House Coffee 5622 DYER ST #100 DALLAS, TX, on Saturday, November 13, 2021, from 12 pm – 2 pm CST.

Brian will be sharing insights into his new book “The Ambulance Chaser,” connecting with fans and creating an opportunity for people to connect and network. Participants who preorder the book will have the chance to get an IG-worthy picture of them wearing The Dallas Mavericks 2011 Championship Ring. Also, participants can take part in the raffle to win an autographed Mark Cuban Doll and signed copies of “The Addicted Lawyer,” no preorder or purchase is required, only physical presence.

The Ambulance Chaser is the story of Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer and part-time drug dealer Jason Feldman, who’s trying to build a modest lifestyle for himself. His life takes an interesting turn when he becomes a prime suspect after the body of a high school classmate that went missing 30 years ago suddenly resurfaces. Jason becomes a fugitive in an attempt to find the only person who could prove his innocence.

Readers can get the 272 pages book in kindle and paperback format, which will be available on Amazon from December 7, 2021. Brian Cuban, the younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, is a speaker and activist who has spoken openly on first amendment issues, hate speech, and mental health. In The Ambulance Chaser, one of the themes he explored is the impact of dementia on family members.

Brian and his wife Ellis support If they come by the event, he promises to present a check of $500 to the Dallas chapter of the National Alzheimer’s Association. In addition, to support the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts to raise awareness about the disease in November, The Cubans will be donating 25% of every preorder sale of the book to the Alzheimer’s Association, up to $1,000.

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Brian Cuban is an attorney, speaker, and author based in Texas. He routinely speaks on topics like battling mental health, body dysmorphia, and he is an authority on male eating disorders and drug addiction, drug rehabilitation, and alcoholism.

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