What Prevents Babies To Sleep Through The Night? 1
What Prevents Babies To Sleep Through The Night?
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All parents want their babies can sleep straight through the night, and don’t wake for a while in the middle. Parents and babies both can have a good rest. Today’s article will talk about what things are preventing babies sleep through the night.

1. What things are preventing babies sleep through the night?

1.1 startle reflex

The startle reflex is also named as Moro reflex. It usually occurs before a baby is startled by a sudden loud sound or movement. The feeling that danger is near causes startle reactions. Normally, babies will have three reactions: spreading out the arms, pulling the arms in, crying, or yelling. Why do babies have Moro reflex? Because their nervous systems are still developing. The Moro reflex will gradually ease as babies grow older. In the beginning, parents need to soothe their babies when they wake.

1.2 night feedings

Newborns have small tummies. So they can not eat a lot once. They only can eat less but more times. Parents usually need to get up in the middle of the night to feed their babies. On one hand, feeding at night can supply babies’ bodies with energy, and provide them important nutrients. On the other hand, if a baby doesn’t get enough to eat, he/she also will sleep badly at night. Feeding needs a time ration. A baby develops a good habit is very important. 

1.3 bad sleeping environment

If a baby wants to have a good-quality sleep, he/she needs a good sleeping environment. Bad sleeping environment including too much noise, shaky environment, secondhand smoke, inappropriate room temperature, etc. It is a little difficult for babies to have restful sleep if they sleep in these bad sleeping environments.

1.4 have no sense of security

Every baby has stayed in the womb before birth for a long time. The mothers’ wombs give them enough sense of security. Once they go of the familiar environment and come to a new world. They will feel afraid and insecure. Usually, they may not go to sleep with ease, they will have disturbed sleep, and wake often during sleep.

2. Choose some baby clothes that are good for sleeping


The biggest selling point of this sleeping bag people can know from the product title – 3in1 sleeping bag. 3in1 means one sleeping bag has three different wearing methods. And it also can be split into three different items: a swaddling cloth, a baby shawl, a sleeveless sleeping bag. Buy one sleeping bag, get three different items. What a great deal!

1) For single wear, it is a sleeveless sleeping bag. Babies can show their arms out, and shake them freer. The roomy bottom also is good for babies to kick their legs. This sleeping bag will not restrict babies’

2) Match the swaddling cloth

The swaddling cloth is used to prevent startle responses. Putting babies’ arms in can make them be easier to scoop up. Babies can get some sense of security from this.

3) Match the baby shawl

This arms-up wearing method can prevent babies from eating their hands or scratching their faces and skins.


It was getting colder and colder recently. It is time to prepare a winter sleeping bag for babies. This sleeveless thick sleeping bag is a best sleeping bag for cold weather. 2.5 TOG is good for warm-keeping. Sleeveless and roomy bottom design can help babies to have freer movements. Besides, the bottom can be opened. Babies can show their legs out, and stand, walk. It maintains suitable development.

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