How One Man Transformed His Mess Into A Message 1
Peter Ohanyan
“I had a very sheltered childhood.” That is what Peter Ohanyan said. He was the product of two very conservative parents who loved him, but did not love each other. They stayed together for the “well-being” of him. Which in turn was not the best thing to do. This was apparent to him years later when he could understand. Our loneliness, once it has caught up with us, is a hard thing to shake.

Peter remembers as a child feeling so alone in the world. He was the only child in his home. He was never allowed to explore what he wanted, do what he wanted or say what he wanted his whole childhood. His parents would always tell him “No” and punish him by giving out punishments like grounding. All that Peter wanted was the freedom to go play outside like other children and he was not able to explore these possibilities. This led to Peter being bullied for years, but he didn’t stand up for himself because he never learned to. He felt powerless and alone. He had an emotionally detached father and a mother who was over-bearing and positive. There was no balance. Peter often says, “Sons need a father who teaches them to stand up when they are being beaten down, and kids need role models who teaches them how to fix things and put things together like bicycles; not be beaten down emotionally when at home.”

Peter was placed in remedial classes by teachers who thought it would help. He was “classified” as learning disabled and there wasn’t much choice available for him because no one knew what else could have been done about this situation, but Peter didn’t let these labels stop him from doing anything great!

In the summer of 1993, Peter and his family were driving to upstate New York for a wedding when tragedy struck. The car accident almost killed Peter’s mom and dad and left him with two broken legs which would require surgery internally/externally; minor brain trauma too along with lower back injuries that needed fixing both internally & externally. After being extracted from the car by a crane, Peter was loaded onto a helicopter and transported to Columbia Hospital. Peter had surgery for 17 hours and nearly needed a blood transfusion. He broke both his femurs, six times on each leg! He had a screw placed near his patella, then a foot long metal rod, and a screw at the top on both legs. He was hospitalized for two months and then released for in-patient therapy for months after. Peter loved playing baseball and soccer, and had a strong leg to kick. But naturally, Peter was very saddened that for two years, he could not play sports. During this time, he had to go through extensive physical therapy, had to have a surgery to remove the bottom screw, and another to remove the rod and top screw once the bones had fused. 

It was during the time of his physical therapy that he realized he had much more to offer the world and that being a motivation to audiences around the world was his destiny. His therapist was not a small man, in fact he was like Joe Piscopo on steroids and had a very distinct voice that could be heard from a mile away. He was always telling Peter to push harder and even when he was tired, he would say, “Just one more,” even though it was never just that. As a result, Peter’s legs were stronger than before the surgery and he had full strength again.

After the surgery, Peter’s parents felt that he should go to a child psychologist. It helped him at first but in long run, it really made no difference.

This brings us to high school. Ah those wonderful four years where you make new friends, bond, and grow as a young adult. The bullying never stopped. He was labeled up until 10th grade as a “momma’s boy” because of how involved and overbearing his mother was. Although he knew she had good intentions and was just trying to compensate for his father not being present in his life more often, it did more damage than good to his self-esteem. 

Peter’s father worked all day long as a dry cleaner and tailor in NYC. He had his own business but was never home. His father was very conservative because he was from the age of when the mother stays home and cooks meals. Peter’s father previously was a priest and a bishop in the Armenian Orthodox religion. Peter’s mother was also very religious, and they instilled that in Peter.

In 1996, Peter graduated high school and attended Northeastern University. His major was marketing. However, six months into college, he decided to shift his focus and major in Psychology. He attended college there for one year, but his parents felt his grades were too low and they couldn’t afford to keep him there another year. So, Peter came home and attended Montclair State University. He ended up getting his Psychology degree there, but again decided to change his focus because he felt that becoming a psychologist wasn’t his real desire. He wanted to help the youth more and be active about it. So, he investigated becoming a Physical Education Teacher.

Peter’s Physical Education elementary school teacher was always so care-free and extremely happy. Peter wanted to find out why. So, he went back to the school where his teacher interviewed him. Peter asked him, “Why are you still doing this 30 years later?” His response shocked Peter. He said, “I love teaching kids about how to play sports and educating them about fitness. It is a life-long activity that they will never stop doing.” It was at that point that Peter realized he wanted to get his degree in Physical Education. So, Peter went back to school at MSU and got his Master of Arts and Teaching with a specialization in Physical Education, Health, and Driver’s Education (K-12). It was not until Peter was in his master’s program that he realized it was not his learning disability that was hurting him, but his lack of drive and execution and persistence. As a result, during Peter’s two years in his master’s program he finished with a 3.9 GPA.

He found a job at a high school in Jersey City and has been there since 2008. However, as much fun as it was to teach students about working out, the fundamentals of sports and eating healthy there was still a void there. Teaching for the most part is a thankless job and you do not do it for the pay. However, he was grateful to have the job security.

It was in 2015 that a friend introduced him to something called Bitcoin. He did not understand it, but something about it fascinated him. Like most people at that time, Peter did research on it, but didn’t take it seriously until 2016. He then realized that this is the future of money. At that point in time there were ways to grow your bitcoin which back then when you are new to that world seemed like the “legitimate” way to do it. Peter didn’t know any better. As a result, he trusted companies to help him to grow his crypto. This happened for the next few years and there was an up and down battle constantly of all these promises that were never delivered, and thousands of dollars were lost.

In 2017, there was a huge spike in the crypto market, and again a company came along that looked legitimate. You would think Peter would have learned by now, but still he was naïve. He thought that project was different. He had more confidence and as a result started to educate people on crypto through Facebook lives. He started to bring in people into this company because he trusted what they were doing was legitimate. This process of telling others about good opportunities in crypto was “the thing” at that point in time. Peter felt “If other people can be successful at this, why can’t I?” So as more companies popped up, he started telling people about it and there he grew a large following as a result. 

A year later in 2018, Peter become the main marketer of a company that he felt was doing the right thing. His following was much bigger by that time, and things turned badly. Peter was the medium to telling people what he was told was correct information. Unfortunately, these were all lies that in 2019 came out when things just didn’t add up to be what they should be. Peter was getting death threats, had to appear on zooms to explain what truly happened, and all of this was happening while Peter was getting a divorce, moving, and had a toddler in his life. He always had good intentions, and wanted to be very clear about that to the people he invited into the opportunity. So, he went on these calls and explained himself fully instead of hiding; like many Influencers on YouTube do when things go bad. Peter faced his mess head on where most people understood, but there were a few who hated him.

After this epic fail, he decided to do things a little bit different. His previous followers on Facebook called him “Mr. Live” because of how many Facebook lives he did. Peter decided after a bit of time off to go back to doing Facebook lives. But this time, he was going to teach people the good, the bad, and the ugly about crypto. Peter was going to add massive value to everyone on his path through his wisdom and motivation. As a result of the previous company, Peter’s reputation was severely tarnished, and he had barely anyone watching his content anymore or commenting on his posts. However, he wanted to push forward and keep doing it despite not many attending. Slowly, he started to regain an audience and became more recognized in the crypto space.

While others were doing paid groups and charging people, Peter was giving away similar content for free from his extensive research in crypto. By the middle of 2020, Peter had developed a large following and was helping people to do the same. He was being recognized by others for doing this and they wanted to work with him. 

In the early part of 2021, Peter decided to give up MLM altogether and only focus on real companies with true purposes that will last decades to come. At this point, Peter was very good at doing due diligence with so many years of experience. He could spot what was real, had longevity from what “seemed real” now. He was no longer naïve and although that took a long time to learn, he grew a lot as a person as a result.

Peter is very proud of where he is right now. About seven months ago, Peter was approached to help create a brand new Decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi). The project was called NRGY. Peter knew that what was being created there was something special, so he put his complete effort into building the network for NRGY. To date, they have created three different decentralized applications (Dapps), where technology is patent pending, and both coins they have created are low in supply relative to the blockchains they are held on.

We all have tough moments in life. Those times when we feel discouraged or like a failure. It is important to remember that our mess does become our message. There is nothing wrong with starting over if you love what you do, just take one more step.

You can learn more about Peter, and find him on his Facebook lives by going to the link below:

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